Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Where was I ?

5 week ago Monday I took a dive to the floor
And bashed my shoulder into the door jam.
We are in quarantine so medical help was off limits
until 2 week ago.

I went to my trusty acupuncture specialist and
my CST Therapist in town.
Slowly making progress.
Real SLOW. 
I gave my Amarylis to my daughter.
Split 24 outdoor pots with my daughter
and grandson. As you can see I am 
going with on succulents.
Less work less watering.
I find dealing with my garden obsession
hurts everything.
Hopefully within 2 month I am back to 
near normal,

Sunday, April 5, 2020

March 13 to April 5th Water birds-birds

Just can't get enough of the Sandhill Cranes.

They strut around and fly overhead.

Some geese swimming in my pond

I just realized that Barnes is closed.
I cannot get my magazine.

Windmills another favorite of mine.
Then there are the Turkeys.
They gobble in the woods. 
My friend Claudia took this one in her yard. 
I ramble on.
This is how you get after 3 weeks in the house.
Excitement on Monday
Landscaping crew coming .
I have orders to stay inside.

Friday, March 13, 2020

December 29 to March 13. Too many viruses.

Yes we have Cranes here year around.
The town of Wheatfield Indiana is where
they hang out all winter.
Drive by them 40 feet from the highway. 
After a disappointing winter the wood ducks are back. 
The tufted titmouse and the chickadees stay here
all year. 

Well my winter when I usually get all my
 art quilts done for shows was a bust.
I had 3 batches of the Respitory virus.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and end of January.
Just got back into the studio this week.
I will just move on to Spring.
I am totally ignoring the Corona virus.
But it looks like another 6 week in.
Maybe I will find time to blog more often.

Sunday, December 29, 2019


 I thought these clay pieces are great inspiration
For art quilts.
 There is a challenge regarding circles.
 Done in black, brown and cream,.
 I think I can make something awesome.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Sand Hill Cranes

My friend Claudia Pletting is a awesome photographer.
She captured all these photos of the annual migration
of the sand hill cranes. 
Over 20,000  pass through in the fall.

The sound of them passing is part of the music of fall.

I think Robby is my only follower so this might
be my last post. Thinking about ending my blog.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


I am glad October is over.
Had a nose surgery to give me better
breathing space so my Bi-pap works.
I go to Carmel on Thursday for my post
opp check.

I am in love with these colors.
These are some of my favs from recent shows.
Maybe a new series of earth colors in winter.

Bird patters in flight might be just the thing
for this series.
Love what I find on line.

Sorry it takes so long for me to post.
Life is just too busy,
Friend me on Face Book if you need more.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Winters goals

Some of my goals this winter.
Quilts inspired by famous artist. 
My family will love this.
More sunflower quilts.
This one was Angie's birthday card yesterday. 
Love these colors will do this quilt.

want to do at least 3 of these, 
Love this combination. Will do. 
Farmers wife is on my list. 
But in brown, black, grey and one color.
More sunsets.
Angie Mack loves sunsets.
I do too.
A must do this winter.
I love winter.