Friday, December 10, 2010

Inside myself

Springs that never dry up
Inside myself
is a place where I live all alone,
and that's where you renew your springs
that never dry up.
Pearl S Buck

How aptly that describes me.
I find that places with water help me renew my spirit.

It is snowing and this seem like it will be a long cold winter.
I will return again and again to the scenes of this  past year to make winter seem shorter.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finding treasures cleaning the sewing closet

 I took time out from cleaning the closet today  to make a Christmas card for Virginia A. Spiegel. Yesterday she posted on her blog  her new Folio 2 Black Trees art and I loved the new series so I  decided to treat myself for Christmas. Check out her blog.
I found some treasures while cleaning the closet. I bought this old sampler over 15 years ago. Amazing what you find.  I am going to set it out with the Christmas decor. Perfect to go with the winter season. Sunday morning 10 deer were wandering around the backyard munching the grass. One Sunday last year we counted 32 deer crossing the back yard. Some reason they move though on Sunday. Think they are on their way to church?

Than I found some old sheet music from 1908 that will be perfect for a collage.  I should have cleaned the closet a few years ago. It was so bad I couldn't walk in it. My grandson helped me and made me eliminate and share I have 3 big black bags to donate so far. We will continue in the morning with the closet detail. I promised him tacos for lunch if he brought a pound of hamburger.