Saturday, March 15, 2014

 Thought I would show you the studio when it is
not messy. I keep a portion of it as a gallery.
 My Adam and Eve clay statues  were unique,
also the frame on the painting below was special
so I kept that one for my enjoyment.
Today I did not do anything in the studio.
It was a warm sunny day and I just enjoyed
the day reading and getting a hair cut.
Went to the St, Cecilia fish fry so no
cooking to mess my kitchen up. A nice day.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Messy job.

 Another day of cutting reflections.
I hope to finish soon.
I figured out a way to do the thin branches without
resorting to paint. I will be adding paint to the birds
though. They will be more realistic that way.
I like how the grasses turned out. Do You? 
 All that cutting leaves a mess. I usually vacuum
it up on Saturdays. That way I start the week with
a clean floor. I would be lost without my Havel scissor.
It really gives me a clean edge.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

More reflections and snow.

 I am hoping to finish the reflections by Saturday,
I think I am going to combine paint with fabric
to achieve the thinner reflections.
 We are sure getting tired of all the snow but it
was extra beautiful yesterday.
So I got in the car to get some shots of the back
yard. Almost got stuck taking this one.
It was worth it.
Sumac trees behind the fence.
Well another full day in the studio.
Must get the paints out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More reflections.

 I got a little further on the reflections. I have just
1 and 1/2 panels to finish the reflections. Than on
to the leaves on the trees. I have to make  my birds
and will be close to finish. Thank goodness.
We can finally see the ground here. There is hope
for spring but not until after another 6 inches of snow.
I have plenty to keep me busy inside for the next
2 days.  I am off to the studio early today.
I want to start a flower quilt for entry in the
International Quilt Show. Deadline is April 30.
Always something to do.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Big one.

 As you see I am making progress on the
big quilt. This week that is all I will work
on. I need to write an article about making
a difficult quilt for a magazine that is due
by May. So I would like to be almost finished
by then. Meanwhile my Central Park will be
in their next issue. Will let you know when
that is. And yes I will have a proof reader
to correct my bad grammar. My Aspergers
shows up big time when I write. Though I
appreciate some of the quirkiness of it I
really suck at grammar. I am thankful I
am a very high functioning Aspergers. I did not
find out until I was 58 that what made me
so unique was this. After 28 years of a very
successful real estate career actually owning
a office for 12 of those years. So if you have
this blessing in your family take hope anything
is possible there are good points to this trait.
I think not knowing made the difference.
I did not have any limitations set on me
so I just matured in my own way.
I made a quick baby quilt yesterday
usually my day off but the baby is
due this month so it needs to get shipped.
I finished my David Baldacci novel I
decided to read everything he has written.
Find his books  interesting.
I have talked my husband into eating lunch
in town a couple times a week so I don't
have to break to make lunch. Maybe I
can get more done in the studio.
Well I am off to the studio.