Saturday, April 12, 2014

Its a wrap.

 I finished at 3 pm yesterday and got  Sunflower on Blue
entered into the In Full Bloom on the last day possible.
I cannot believe it took over 34 hours to do this quilt.
But then I never kept track before.
 The gals at the FibR group did like the quilting.
I wasn't sure I did right by following the contour.
My husband did not like the quilting.
We shall see.
Today I will clean the studio. I need a clean start.
I do get messy.
I have some new projects and the big quilt to finish.
Enjoy this bright and warm day.

Friday, April 11, 2014


 Life is so good.
I enjoyed our fiber meeting last night.
Everyone is so talented.
I should have taken my camera so show you all
the beautiful things  they have created for our
show in May. I will definitely take it to the next
meeting so you can see for yourself.
We were all given a piece of African fabric to
use in our piece so there is a continuity to the
show. Very clever uses of the fabric.
Today I am headed to the studio to put the
backing, sleeve and binding on the sunflower
quilt. FINALLY I will be done.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stitching finished

I stitched for 5 hours yesterday.
I am not sure I like how the background turned out.
But no going back.
Just needs backing sleeve and binding.
I do love the color combination.
The blue just pops the yellow.
I snow dyed the background so I know I can
make that color again.
Tonight is FibR meeting. I go to Lafayette and
shop, go to Barnes & Noble, Sam's club for
vegetables and supper at Red7 with the grandsons.
A nice interlude before starting back on the
BIG quilt.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shopping again

 We went to Shipshewanna for a concert again.
We  went on Monday and we are still both very
tired. The Booth Brothers are so good.
I was very bad again. I bought too too  much
fabric. The browns and greens are for me.
I am going to make a quilt for our bedroom.
Finally something just for us.
 Than I needed some solids.'I found that Yoder's
has the best prices on solids. 6.50 a yard.
The best thing is you get to see the true colors.
 I have taken a liking to the stripes from the Fasset
collection. They are so mellow.
Now I am going to have to live to 120 to use
all of this fabric.
Good thing we are not going back until FALL.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday ride

 Yesterday I took a ride to see the countryside.
It was a lovely day, warm and sunny most of the day.
 Sundays are a day of just quiet reflection and rest.
It refreshes my soul for the week ahead.
It will be a busy week. As usual.
I look forward to creating something beautiful.
Sunflower on blue is almost done.
It will be finished by Thursday.
Well I am off to the studio.
Have a  great day.