Saturday, January 5, 2013


 This is one of my favorite paintings. It even looks cold.
I am glad I gave it to the library so I can see it now
and then. Indiana hasn't had much snow this year.
Maybe Wednesday we will get some.
I need snow to keep me at home in the studio.
I think I will turn this painting into a art quilt.
First I NEED to finish the messenger bag for
the Virginia Spiegel fund raiser.
Which I will do this week end.
Now in fact. bye.

Friday, January 4, 2013

View out the studio window.

The beginning of a new year of creating.
Love the peace of my private space.
So much potential; ahead of me.
I love this time of the year.
Everything quiets down and I can retreat
to my space in the studio.
I feel this year will be a great one.
Fabric, colors and lots of threads to
spend time letting my thoughts flow into quilts.
So with the precious view out my window I will

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enjoy life more.

I think my word for the year will be Enjoy.
Usually I am charging full steam ahead.
Not anymore. I was wearing myself out.
I actually watched movies and read during the day
in the past 2 weeks. Something new for me.
Started the messenger bag today I think it
needs some solid colors to make it pop.
Too much pattern but that is the Fassett way.
My mind is getting full of ideas and
I want to disappear into the studio for 3 months.
This morning I did my yearly schedule so I
know my deadlines. Some nice projects coming.
First show is in April than May.
I will take a month off in June spending
it in Minnesota. Just photography and watercolors there.
Really looking forward to the North woods.
I had better start looking for a house sitter.
We already have the garden and yard sitters
spoken for.  Something nice to think about.
Living on the lake front for 4 weeks.
Nice Than the FibR show in September.
Plus two shows in 2014 to plan for.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
May your year be filled with peace,
less stress and lots of creativity. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rest of 2012

The rest of 2012
50th Wedding anniversary.

Fabric for 2012 QSDS.
Group Quilt for the International Quilt show in Houston.

A very productive QSDS 2012 in Ohio.
A very great place to go. I learned lots
had a great time and met great people.

Summer beauty from my gardens.

My entry into the AQS show in Grand Rapids in August.
My big painting 10 ft by 6 ft never finished.
More beauty.

Tommy my great grandson.
Jasper County Art League's  Under Indiana Skies
show this summer.
My Mother passed to a better place in August.
Frog Time went to the Houston with the Haku.
Rosy and Owen the other 2 great grands.
They are all precious.

Summers bounty.
Summer faded and fall arrives.

New  art quilt accepted into the spring show
in Ohio International Quilt Show.
A new direction in the fall.

Found a mangle to iron all the fabric
needed for the Nancy Crow's workshop.
My quilt National entry that did not be done.
Knee surgery go in the way.
My first piece for In Harmony With Nature IV
coming in May 2013.
My exercises from the Nancy Crow workshop.
I WORKED along side some very talented
artist. Their art was awesome. The show and
tell was the best part of the week.

Finally made a Panakoken. Apple pancake.
Christmas bounty. My family loves me
and knows what I like.
Looking back 2012 was awesome. Some very
important milestones reached in just 4 years.
Quilt Nationals will have to wait but a great year.
Despite hardships the year was productive.
I find I do most of my work in the first 5 months
 of the year and than run to keep up with
everything thereafter.
If 2013 is half as good as 2012 I will be pleased.