Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waning days of summer.

I Love the cool nights and sunny days of late summer.
There is always something of color in the garden.
My walk this morning was delightful.
                I am starting to cut flowers for the dried arrangements
                for the Bravo Arts Brunch. I am grateful I have a large
                garden with lots of flowers. The rudibecka will be a bright
                spot in the bouquets.

                         The rose of Sharon's are in full bloom right now
                         Today I will clean pots and fill the kiln for the
                         first bisque firing. I am 1/3 of the way in making
                         containers. Wedging 35 pounds of clay did a number
                         on my are muscles. Back to  making pots Monday.
                         Off to a concert by the Collingsworth family tonight.
                         They are so talented. A quiet Saturday.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer at Cedar Ridge

                               Yesterday I made salsa. Today I made 7 vases.
                                My next 4 weeks are going to be busy.
                                I was asked to make the centerpieces
                                for the Bravo Arts Brunch on October 12.
                                I said yes before I calculated how long it
                                would take to make 35 vases and flower bouquets.
                                I cut some flowers to dry today too.
                                The Goldstrum rudebecia will dry and stay yellow
                                 Annabelle hydrangeas  a nice mellow green.
                                 Add to this  a rusty grass, saliva and lavender for
                                 nice fall dried bouquets. You may not hear from
                                 me every day but I will try. Everyone out east
                                 keep safe and day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New ironing surface.

My husband made a base for the cover
I bought at the Quilt Show 3 years ago.
It really makes working so much easier.
He is so handy. 
                             I added the stitching to the tree trunks today.
                             I also got a commission for 35 pottery vases.
                             With dried arrangements in them.
                             Looks like I will be very busy
                             for the next 4 weeks.