Thursday, December 31, 2015

The year 2015

 When I sat down I though oh well 2015 I did
not accomplish much.
 Than I started to look through my photos to see
 my production for the year.
I had the CHAIRS show in Lafayette.

 Lots of small art quilts and also big ones.
I especially liked the Red Chairs one.

 AT the end of the years I am working on the Morning
Glory project.

 The new fall art quilt of this gorgeous yellow tree.
 The small blue heron
 Lots of flowers passed through my gardens
and brought many a smile to my face.
Lots of ideas for 2016.

 Flowers made their way on to many quilts.

 Some Jane Dunwold influence.

Many sunsets here at Cedar Ridge.

 Birds were prevalent in my quilts this year

 Beach scenes.

 Bright colors.
 This is one of my favorites.
 The grain bin series.

 Works in progress.

 Than teaching at the International Quilt show in Chicago.
Also showing 2 of my larger quilts  Wolf River
and Floating on the River.
 Wolf River was in the AQS calendar.
 Some of the Chairs show.

 More of the show

 One I kept.

Blue chairs.

 Blue skies
So all in all I did finish a lot of art quilts
even in a year with lots of family distractions.
Just a normal year.
I wish all of you a Blessed and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Morning Glories.

 Finally got back in the studio yesterday morning.
I am working on the background.
I was happy when doing the squiggles in the background
smoothed out the small wrinkles.
Now just to do the rest of the background, finish off
with a binding or facing and the hanging sleeve
and I am done. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday
will do the trick.
Our past week has been a little stressful.
We thought we would be making a trip to the emergency
room with our son. He was in such pain for 3 days
than he gets up on Monday and the pain is gone.
Chemo does strange things. Every other week
we have a new adventure.