Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats in bloom at Cedar Ridge.

My favorite day lily of them all.
Ali Nui
a beautiful black red. 

                               Always something in my gardens to enjoy.
                               The best part of perennials is there is always
                                something that needs divided. I have shared
                                12 pick  up loads of plants in 10 years.
                                Like the fishes and the loaves.
                                The Anna Belle hydrangea needs dividing .
                                 September or next March is the best time.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Saga of today's art quilt.

Choosing the fabric. 
                                 A good start by lunch.

After lunch I got serious about the embellishment.
I couched Artfabric heaviest thread on as an accent.
The final results
                                         Put back in the frame ready to hang.
Played with the scrapes.
This will go onto a greeting card.
I will send this to New Mexico
to my newest collectors.
Love making my own Thank You cards.
I really appreciate people who appreciate art.

Happy 4th of July.

From sea to shinning sea
or should I say from the pond.
I live in a special place.
This tranquil spot always delights the eye.
                          I plan to spend a quiet day at my sewing machine.
                          Actually making something for me once.
                          I will do a long narrow art quilt for the master bath.
                          Sitting on the throne I glanced at the wall.
                          It is a nicely framed print but wait "a print"
                          In an artist home. Shame. I can do better.
                          So later today I will show you the finished product.
                          Have a great day.
                          Grill the brats and make some lemonade.
                          Kick back and enjoy the day and hopefully
                          the fireworks will end by 10 pm for us old folks,
                         the young people in  our neighborhood seem to
                         like them loud. I swear they using dynamite.
                         The windows rattle at times.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday morning at Cedar Ridge Studio.

Just some random photos from the yard.
My neighbor's wood pile continues to dwindle. 
My attempt at sculpture after a trip to Saugatuck.
My neighbor Lanaye and I understand this
Bill and Jason do not.
Yuca plants. 
                                                   My favorite patch of Liguaria's.