Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Quilt

 I finally have my laptop back. Happy.
My desktop needs to go back to the tech.
Computers!  how dependant we become.
This is a new quilt I made for the Farmhouse Restaurant.
I used a photo of my backyard pond as inspiration.
To add that holiday sparkle I used gold leaf.
I especially like it on the edges of the oak leaves.
Notice how wonky my quilt is.
I find that piecing is difficult for me.
I am too hyper to do the meticulous work required
for precise joining. Must work on that, slow down and
be more careful. I took my show with the big quilt
down yesterday. Brent and Brandon  my grandsons
helped me. What a joy to work with them.
They also helped  Barb and a couple of other artist
carry their work to their cars.
They know how to work and only need to be told
once what to do-then they took charge.
They will do well in this world.
Than I took them to Red7 a awesome restaurant in
Lafayette.  I try to meet with them and Brad down
at Purdue University  once a month.
Red7 is our meeting place.
Great memories.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Found a home

This beauty found a home with a friend of mine.
I am so glad Bonnie likes this.
Its always a pleasure to create art and have it find a home.
I have been in computer hell for 10 days.
My desktop is back home but not working like it should.
I cannot get into lot of my programs.
This morning I should get my laptop back.
A weld had come loose and the tech was able
to re weld it. This is my go to computer.
Today is the AQS deadline for Puducah and
all my photos are on the laptop.
Hopefully I am back in business today.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Still having problems

Finished putting up the decorations
I put up less each year.
I am still having problems.
I got the desktop back and it will not download pics.
I think it is time to replace my equipment.
It is all more than 10 years old.
I have no patience with problems.
Anybody got any recommendations for a good
simple machine, Laptop or what ever.
I am open to ideas.