Saturday, March 29, 2014

One down and 4 to go.

 The center panel posed for her photo today.
I am going to enter her is the AQS show in
Grand Rapids. I do not need it until October.
I figure I can show it in a few show out of state
before than.  Now to finish the other 4 panels.
I will do the left 2 next.
They look good together just as a diptych.
This is how they will work together,
I went to Sam's and Costco's today.
Never again on Saturday I needed some gray
thread at Joann's so I decided to stop in the other stores.
By the way there are not 50 shades of gray,
only about 8. I find gray is the hardest to match.
Well have a nice week-end.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Modern in brown

 Here is my take on a modern quilt.
Is it?
Now to decide which way to hang it.
What do your think?

Sunrise and sunset at Cedar Ridge

 Since it is raining out there I thought I would show
you a fabric sunrise and sunset. WE get some
spectacular ones here on the ridge.
Such a pretty place to live.
Yesterday I made a modern quilt and went to take
a pic and needed batteries. I will take a pic today.
Post it tomorrow.
I will be starting a quilt next for In Full Bloom.
I love flowers so this one will be fun.
If it does not get accepted it will make a good gift
for my daughter for her birthday in October. 
 Well off to the studio with fresh batteries,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modern Quilt

Tried my hand at a modern quilt today.
Harder than it looks.
I thought it would be simple just do some grey
and make it sparse,
Not so.
I found the other quilt when I clean the closet.
I need a twin quilt for a young girl in August.
Should be able to finish this one for that.
Bright looking.
Better than the modern one.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Water quilts

 I love to do quilts that involve water,
both abstract and realistic.
Water appeals to me.
Flowing, moving along and lots of color.
Bradley helped me on Monday doing all the up
things that needed done. New batteries in the smoke
detectors, changing light bulbs, clearing off the top
shelf of two closets. Hauling containers to the attic.
Putting white felt on a design wall.
Fixing the TV. He so slim he can get behind the
cabinet. The better to fix it.
I think finally of all my grand kids he found the
problem. The grand kids joke about the up list.
It is not good for me to climb ladders or to
get  up on chairs anymore. So I keep a up list
and when it is full I call a grand kid.
Today I look forward to starting a flower quilt.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday morning.

 This window and doorway reminded me of
a place to worship. They are from a small
chapel I visited. They look so peaceful.
Sunday is a time to reflect and worship.
Today we will spend lunch with the family
having a birthday party for the first quarter
birthdays. Lunch and a sundae bar.
 Yesterday I cleaned a big closet and found
2 huge containers of fiber to give to the local
collage  to use in their fiber class this fall.
I also found a tub of fabric washed and ready
for the dye pots. It was quite a job and my
back is screaming but it is done. I have put
that job off for 5 years. Long overdue.
Tomorrow my grandson will come over
 to help clean the garage and the freezer.
We plan to empty the crawl space too.
I am a collector and need to thin out.
Well have a nice and peaceful Sunday.