Friday, December 18, 2015

The morning glory quilt.

 I had a good day in the studio.
I got all the leaves stitched and the stems except
for the dark brown ones done.
That leaves the flowers.
I am thinking of maybe facing the back of the
flowers so they can float out around the edges.
I will have to do a test flower to try it.
Looks like I may get this project done in time.

Awesome sunset

 The sunsets have been awesome lately.
They glow like they are on fire.
Some new materiel for quilts.
I have only 5 more leaves to outline on the
Morning Glory quilt.
Than I can do all the centers.
I hope to get a lot done in the next two days.
Mark is feeling better so I am off cooking duty.
Wednesday he ate 3 helpings of chicken n noodles
and took the leftovers home.
Nothing better than moms cooking.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Puducah bound.

 Both of my quilts were accepted into the
AQS show in Puducah show.
I love the AQS shows.
The quilts are always returned in a timely
fashion and are handled so well.
I hope you all out there will enjoy these two.