Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Busy day at Cedar Ridge

A bejeweled planter.
My final project for Ceramics II.
A blue green & navy planter adorned with copper wire
and beads set into an iron stand and
a sea green porcelain vase.
                         Our favorite spot to end the day.
                         The small deck with the fish pond.
 Speaking of fish I also did a series of fish to hang on the wall.
Must share these with my Minnesota friends.

Than to finish the day Tuesday I spent 4 hours
working in the yard.
The last 2 hours my husband and son helped with the heavy work.
We moved 35 pots of flowers to the barn area.
Planted another 30 or so pots of perennials.
We will continue Friday with the spring yard work.
Their reward was steak, baked potatoes
 and home grown corn from the freezer.
Topped off with chocolate cherry cup cake.
I also made enough for class Wednesday.
Fell asleep in my recliner by 7 pm.
A good Day

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favorite Flowers.

Just had to share this photograph.
Last summer this clump of Lilies was spectacular.
So glad I took time to photograph.

Spent the last 3 days glazing and firing pottery
 for my finals on Wednesday.
Dropped the last 12  paintings, art quilts and collages
  off at the framer to get their hangers and backing.
He does such a great job. I always get asked who does my framing.
Today we will put some more plants back in the ground.
In the fall of 2009 we decided to move .
Being flower crazy I decided to take 100 of my favorites with me.
Well 100 turned into 130.
My grandson helped me pot them up.
Well with the bad market our house did not sell.
We have decided to stay  in this paradise.
Now I have to put them back in the ground.
Except for 30 of them I will sell at my garage  and attic sale.
May 25th and the 26th.
Another busy day at Cedar Ridge.
Its 4 am  and I am going to load the kiln for another firing.