Saturday, July 14, 2012

The start of the county FAIR

I am off early to help with the county fair.
I will help in the fine arts division.
We have to tag, sort and hang the art.
The judging will take place this morning.
Two of my grandsons will be showing their art in the fair.
Can't wait to see their art.
Brandon got Grand Champion for both his
leather craft and his woodworking.
I look forward to seeing their 4-H projects today.
My husband, son and another grandson will
be roofing the new chicken house this morning.
The new chickens need to get in their new home soon.
A busy family
Last nights show was nice.
everyone like the fiber arts
and the pottery was popular.
Abbie's sky paintings were a hit.
Have a great week-end.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Show opening tonight

Tonight is the Gallery Walk in Lafayette
My piece Central Park is in the show.
This is the reason I called Merill Comeau.
It does not hang well.
She shared with me that it is best to nail or pin
irregular pieces to the wall.
I had the misfortune to be place on the only
wall in the gallery that is plaster and we
cannot nail into that wall.
Another tip from Merill is magnets for hanging.
Nail magnet on wall and sew one on quilt than connect.
Busy day today
My notes to self hour by hour with only 
 the 1 to 1:30  slot open. May I will just sit quietly.
So if you are in the Lafayette, In area stop in
Wine , punch and snacks provided.
Lots of art to see.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just goes to show you.

 I thought I would show you some paintings that
look good. The way the big painting is going you would
think I am a amateur. Which I am in some ways.
 Working on the big painting has made me realize that I
need to take time and really learn trees and values.
On my bucket list for this fall and winter is to
draw in pencil trees so I will finally learn how
to shade the leaves. I need to make them look more natural.
Practice makes perfect and my friend Doris says.
I am just trying to do too much too fast.
Life just hurls past at an astonishing speed.
The fiber piece Central Park I have in a show now
just did not hang right.
I was reading my Fiber Arts Now magazine
(note to Nancy this is a great magazine to subscribe to)
and the article on Merill Comeau shows her
complex layered pieces that I love and they have
the uneven pieces like Central Park.
Acting on impulse as usual I called her to ask how
show hangs her pieces and keeps them upright.
I got some good advice.
Thanks much Merill.
I love how the artist in this world are nice enough
to share and help others make better art.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunshine in Flowers

 Morning all.
I took a walk around the big pond and found the daisies.
They are such a bright spot in the day landscape.
The birds really like pond.
It is a haven in this dry summer landscape.
I worked some more on the big painting.
I am really getting flustered.
It looks too stiff.
I will someday turn out a lovely flowing landscape.
Not this time though.
I find I am better at fiber.
My friend Doris says I need more practice.
Maybe she is right.
I think it is best to do what you do
the best in the world of art.
I derive more satisfaction from fabric art.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fiber arts

Morning all.
These lilies are the color of the sunrise.
Glowing golden.
I had a delightful day yesterday.
Nancy a quilt artist I met over the net and I went to
Lafayette to see the new fiber show at the Wells
The show's opening reception is Friday.
There are art quilts, weaving, wearable art, scarfs
jewelry and much more.
If you are near Lafayette, Indiana take some time
and look at some great art.
The other two galleries have pottery
REALLY nice pottery and
Abbie Parmele's cloud paintings.
Now back to the studio to finish art due for shows.
Will I finish.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Closer to done.

Should be finished by Wednesday evening.
That is my goal.
I need to get back to art quilts.
I have several deadlines approaching.
When I switched the colors to fall it
 started to look better..
There was just too much green.
Have a opening for a small show this afternoon.
Than taking time out to go to a fiber show Monday.
Finally the weather cooled off last night.
I do not know how people live in Florida and Arizona.
I am looking forward to fall.
Have a quiet week end