Saturday, March 10, 2012


Finished and I am out of the Studio until Monday.
The rest of the week-end is for family.
Going to visit my Mom in the hospital.
She has a bladder infection and some congestion.
Than Sunday a rib fest for lunch for the March birthdays.
Have yourself a great week-end.
I intend to.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leaf me alone.

I have almost reached the finished stage.
I removed some of what I put on yesterday already.
Sometimes we add too much of a good thing.
My husband has a good eye and helps me at times.
The big blog of purple in the middle of the water needs to go.
He pointed that out for me.
If I would draw my designs out beforehand
maybe I would be better off.
But I am a impulsive type of person.
I hope to finish by Saturday.
Yesterday and last night were so windy that
the electric kept blinking on and off.
March is in like a Lion here in Indiana.
Sunday I invited the family for a rib fest
to celebrate the March birthdays.
With my homemade barbeque sauce,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planted a few trees.

 Added the trees to the quilt.
Stitched every branch down.
Now time to add the grass, leaves and a bird or two.
The colors are almost African or New Mexico like.
Needed some color in my quilt life.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Butterflies of a different kind.

 My daughters amaryllis is blooming.
She loaned it to me so I could watch it bloom.
It is called Butterfly.
The color is unusual.
5 stems each with 3 to 4 blooms.
A nice spot of color in the dreary winter landscape.
Daughters are nice.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New landscaped art quilt

See the sky, trees, hills and water.
The new quilt started out better.
The Robin quilt was difficult.
Tuesday I will add details.
Love the colors in this one.
I have until the end of week to finish.
A bright sunny day and I accomplished something,

Ready for spring.

Look what a friend brought me.
They pick up the starts for a local green house
and took an extra one for me.
How did they know this is my favorite begonia.
This will be the star in a planter by the sunroom door
for the 2012 summer season.
Right now it is snowing but soon it will be warm.
I will delay starting the next quilt
to go through the closets gathering things for the
tornado victums in Shelbyville KY.
Blankets, shoes, and clothes.
Our local Bubs BBQ's has family and friends there
and will bring it to them.
From Indiana to Kentucky with love.