Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 yards of snow dyed fabric

 The results of my snow dying experiment turned out
good I can see art quilts in the patterns and
colors. I used navy, spruce, eggplant, turquoise,
chartreuse and blue violet dye and tan, yellow
and green fabrics. The fan shape pattern will
definitely be a whole cloth quilt. The pastel pieces
just call for branches, leaves and birds.
So it was worth the trouble and time.
Next I will use acrylic paints to dye fabric.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Dyeing

 While here it is messy and cold.
Now I have to wait until Saturday to see the results.
I thought I had gotten chilled but looked at the
thermostat and the furnace wasn't working.
It was down to 62 degrees, That is cold.
I called the furnace man and with 30 minutes he
was here and fixed the problem.
I hope the fabrics turn out as good as last time.
One of my quilts at the Ohio Craft Museum sold.
Two to go. It would be nice to sell the all so
they don't have to ship anything back.
I will show you Saturday how they turned out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its is going to snow.

 I am waiting.
I have 4 containers of fabric that were soaked in
soda ash water wrung out and ready to dye.
They are setting out on the front steps.
They will freeze overnight and the magic will begin.
Finally  found something to do with all those solid
color fabrics from my Nancy Crow class.
 Friday I will pile on the snow and pour on the dye.
Saturday I will wash it out and show it to you.
This is going to be our best chance for snow
this winter. Sore back or not I WILL dye some fabric.
I think I will use deep purple, sage, and chartreuse.
Maybe a touch of red. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Studio Tour

 Thought I would show you my studio when it is
reasonably clean. I have a very large workspace.
I am really fortunate. 3 ironing spaces, 3 cutting spaces
and 2 design walls. This is just some of my fabric.
 I have another shelf unit in the bedroom and a
8 x 11 walk in closet for fabric and supplies.
 My inspiration wall is full of ideas.
I keep the things I use most of all around me.
I can reach the beads, small pieces of fabric, threads,
bolts of 805, peltex and thermalon within reach
of my chair. I would say I am very lucky to
have such a sunny and large space.
All the more room to get messy.
Today is a luncheon with other artist.
We will go to Asparagus a Vietnamese restaurant.
I will take Doris my 91 year old friend with me.
She will talk my leg off we have not been
together for a few weeks. She has been too
busy to have time for me.  :)
Have yourself a great day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finishing the details.

 Yesterday I added beads to 5 mini quilts.
I am happy to be almost finished with these.

 Wednesday I will look at my idea wall and pick
a new project. I like the wood pile or the fish theme,
but then there are birds. I would like to make up
several birds to add to quilts. I think the idea
wall gets my brain working and spurs ideas for
quilts. The studio is in order again and I am
ready for a new start. I hear there is a storm
coming either Thursday or Friday  it will be a
good time to hunker down and create.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The sunset years-bah humbug.

Who ever said the later years of our life are golden?
Sorry for the lack of posting.
I am still having a very painful time with my knees
and hip. The last few days I have been trying every
thing to get the pain under control. After all it
has been 4 months since surgery.  From research
on the Internet arthritis is my problem.
I finally started the Mobic the doctor prescribed.
I hate to take drugs but this one seems to be working.
Hopefully this regimen works and I can be more
productive in the studio. Enough whining and
time to go play in the studio. Lots to show you
after today. The sun is shinning and I am ready.
Have a great day I will.