Friday, July 17, 2015

Closing in on the finish.

I am finally getting close to being finished.
I may be able to wrap things up by the 29th.
Working on my cushions for the chairs.
Today I will make the cover for the rustic bench.

 I may even have some time to make some more
flowers for the FibR show which is happening the
same time as Chairs.
Leslie took this awesome photo of the sun setting
on Lake Michigan. We all love that lake.
My son proposed to his wife at the lake shore.
Have a great day and I will retreat to the studio for the day.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Coming soon CHAIRS

 Slow but sure the show is coming together.
I WILL be glad to move on to something else.
Maybe a little time off of the sewing machine.
Wind swept sunset  just needs a sleeve and binding.
 I need to finish the grasses and  binding on the one.
I have started putting the small quilts on canvases
or putting slats in the back. I have about 12
small quilts. I have decided to keep about 5 for
Christmas gifts. I will sow them but put NFS on
them.  I look at them and think about how one of my
 kids would enjoy them. Sometimes they just talk
to me.