Saturday, April 28, 2012


Almost done with the Toucan painting.
One more day should do it.
Wish the weather would get warmer.
I have 3 Japanese maples that have most
of their leaves froze off.
I hope they recover.
The butterfly bushes were badly nipped too.
Oh well we take it as it comes.
Have a great day and stay warm.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Chair-et-y event.

My painting of my chair in progress.
The idea is to decorate a chair and than
paint a picture of it.
My fabric has little Toucans on it so
I am painting a Toucan sitting on back of my chair.
The Jasper Red gesso background makes the
colors pop in hth painting.
These will be auctions off to raise money for the
Art Museum.
Neat Idea
Now to finish by next Thursday.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bouquet on Quilt.

Took a walk this morning and gathered some flowers.
Our wedding flowers were lily of the valley and lilacs.
Just what I found in the garden.
along with some scillia and columbine.
May 8th is the big day 50 years.
The flowers are setting on a quilt I started.
I had a stack of 5 inch squares to use up.
I am alternating them with white squares
 and separating the rows with a white strip.
A nice clean look.
I went modern without trying.
I am making extra large throws for everyone
in the family for Christmas.
I will back them with flannel.
A light cozy throw.
This combination looks very girlish.
Worked on my Toucan painting.
Looking fairly good.
I will show you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How I used to look.

Ya right maybe when I was 16.
This is one of my pottery pieces.
I wish I had kept it but she flew off to California.
My computer has been driving me crazy the past 4 days.
Nothing would work.
I Tried to send something to Chair-e-ty and
after 5 tries I finally sent it in reply to her E-mail.
I just sat down to check the mail and FB
and magically everything is back to normal.
Thank goodness.
I was ready to change E-mail servers.
When I wanted to blog
everything was wonky.
Maybe it will stay good for awhile.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Posts along the way

My blogger site is wonky.
I am having trouble getting it to post.
Maybe it will magically straighten itself out.
Been a nice quiet week-end.
Lots of rest, reading and no cooking.
After 49 + years I am tired of cooking.
Today I will be in the studio finishing 2 projects.
Chair-e-ty and my portion of a quilt for Houston.
Have a great day
I am off to the studio.