Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bed Quilts

 Yesterday I get a call from the Cotton Corner.
They were going to load the Art Center's quilt
to start the quilting. The two bed quilts pictures here
are ready to mail to them also. They will quilt
these for me also. I also thread stitched the trees
on panel # 1 of the big quilt this week.
Gradually getting back on track.
I finally am feeling better.
You know haw bad you felt when you
suddenly feel good. I am happy.
Now to get something done.
Today I will first plant some flowers out
my studio window so I have a happy view to
look at as I quilt this summer.
 The honey suckle finally started blooming.
Everything is so green.
Love it.
We had quite a bit of winter damage. One large
sweet gum tree still hasn't leafed. We lost 18 BIG
arborvitaes to the deer eating them. All my butterfly
bushed are dead. Oh well glad that winter is over.
Well a busy day today.
The library, grocery store, the garden center and
maybe get some fresh shrimp from the shrimp farm
near us. Fresh shrimp sounds good. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Just needed a bright spot of color today.
Today the sun is shinning and it is going to
be a beautiful day.
Yesterday I got one quilt top mailed to the Cotton
Corner. I iron 2 other king size tops and made a
back for one of them. They are ready to be sent to
be quilted. Today I will do stitching on the trees
on the big quilt.
Little by little I am getting my to do list DONE.
Feels good.
Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Something pretty out the kitchen window.

 This plant always puts on a good show in the spring.
This year is no exception.
Pretty in Pink.
I spent 4 hours in the hospital for test, x-rays and cat scan.
I cannot seem to get rid of this diverticulitis  infection.
At least I got to come home and follow treatment at home.
I start a new regime of antibiotics today.
30 days of antibiotics is not good.
Hopefully this will end the siege.
It is getting in the way of my schedule
for completing art quilts.
Well off to the studio to iron 2 more tops and
get them mailed off to the Cotton Corner to
get their quilting done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New head shot

 I had to get a new head shot for the magazine article
I wrote. My SIL did the honors.  It only took 25
shots to get 4 good ones.
My studio is looking messy.
Means I am busy.
 I am still having health issues.
Taking two antibiotics and still running a
fever. All this health stuff gets in the way
of creating. Well have a good day I will
be off to the Doctors office again.