Friday, August 23, 2013

Michigan's quilts finsihed

 The two quilts from my class at AQS are
finished they just need wire on the back to
hang.  Very colorful. I painted another canvas.
I will make another one.
 than I finished the Battle Lake Grain Elevator
quilt for the FibR show in September.
I took some time to pick up a little so
my space is not too messy to work in.
Now on to some quilts for the Ohio Craft Museum.
Than I need to finished Dana's flowers in reflection
quilt and than I will be able to start on the big
one. Always something to do.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Michigan

 This was the view out my window last week.
I love the detail of the building.
Downtown Grand Rapids had amazing buildings.
 Farmers market in Sagatuck last Friday
on the way home. I love farmers markets.
The European market in Chesterton is one of
my favorites. Especially the pear tarts from
the Bit of Swiss bakery
The clouds reflected on the Amway Hotel
caught my eye. I was on the eighth floor
and had a birds eye view of the city.
Well I am off to the studio.
Today I will finish the art quilts I started
 in Grand Rapids.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finished the Creamery

Just finished my breakfast of home grown Indiana
muskmelon. Cool and crisp. The perfect start to the
day. Yesterday my husband picked 24 melons
from his one row of plants. He than shared them
with friends and neighbors. I tole him next year
just plant a half row. He has picked about 50 so far.
I finsihed the Creamery quilt. This quilt is for
the FibR show in September called Archtexture.
I have 2 whole days to spend in the studio now.
I will make another quilt for this show and than
6  small quilts for the Ohio Craft Museum.
Life is good
Last night the smoke detector went bad in
my bedroom and I had to sleep in the sun room.
It still is beeping hopefully we get it fixed today.
I did enjoy seeing the full moon last night
though with all the windows it was a nice show.
Well off to the studio.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I did yesterday

 Yesterday I canned 7 quarts and 4 pints of sauce
for soups and spaghetti. I told my husband I would
only do this once this season. Makes the knees too
sore and I need some serious studio time. I have
requests for about 10 small quilts. I sit here eating
some of those Michigan peaches with cottage cheese
for breakfast wishing I could go directly to the studio
but sad to say I need to clean the kitchen first.
I know the soups will taste better this winter with
that good home made sauce but I am more and
more wanting to just be in the studio.
Well I better get in gear and clean and maybe I can
get some time in this morning.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

PAC invitational show

Before I left for Michigan I put some finishing
touches on the Underwater quilt. I added some birch
bark and lime green beads. Now it is really delicate.
Today is a special day. We bid farewell to Pastor Rog.
He is retiring after 40 years of service. The nicest man
I have ever met. Always knew the right thing to
say to comfort people. He and his wife will
move to be closer to their children.
Lunch at the church.
Than tonight an outdoor concert in another friends
garden. The Booth Brothers have the mellowest
tones ever heard how nice to end the day in
a garden under the stars listening to my fave group.
With a few hundred friends.
Hope your day is as nice.