Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little bit of art on a Saturday morning.

Painting was the first thing I tried 4 years ago.
When I decided art was to be my retirement goal.
I have been retired 1 year 1 month now.
Just wanted to share a few of some lovelies.
 Wind swept days of falling leaves.

 A momento of a day spent with Hunter.
At the river.
A rendezvous . Pretending to be Indians, trappers and settlers.
 Echinacea one of m favorite summer flowers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A surprice in the mail.

Almost like Christmas.
A box came in the mail full of silk.
I use silk fabric in my  mini art quilts.
My cousin Evelyn volunteers in a resale shop.
Last fall she came for a visit to Indiana.
I sent some money with her and here is what I got back.
 I love the bright colors. Don't you see the sunsets, fall scape's and landscapes.

A pair of brown leather slacks, silk scarves, silk bags and 2 tulle shawls loaded with beading.
What a treasure trove. I will have fun.
It is amazing what can fit in one Priority box from the USP office.
I need to send her a BIG Thank-You.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric & Birds are my weakness.

I found MORE fabric and it has birds on it.
I am doomed.
Alexander Henry June Bug fabric is too cool.
 Now I just have to think of some way to use it.
Paint a bedroom Robins egg blue.
Make pillows of the large prints.
Use the small prints as an edge on curtains.
Yesterday I took a piece of my snow dyed fabric
and made a cover for my class notebook.
 I stitch a swirl design on the front.
I made pockets in the front and back
to hold my wallet and supplies.
The back one holds the dental tools I talked the dentist out of.
No cavities-that was good news. We all love the dentist. Right.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did I mention I do pottery?

I mentioned that I go to ceramic  class on Fridays.
Thought I would show you some of my work
This is a coil built vessel high fired to cone 10.

This beauty below is slab construction a  free form figure.
High fired, cone 10 with iron stain.
This one went to live in California.
My neighbor's sister fell in love with it and carried it back home.
Probably likes California better then Indiana.
 The tall vase is a Raku piece. I love doing Raku.
All the fire and flash. So unperdictable.
Each piece is a surprise.
 Another free form piece I am thinking of making it into a lamp.
Right now it looks good with the straw as a sculpture.
If I made spelling mistakes please excuse I am having computer problems.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shadows of Fall completed

I completed the series Shadow of Fall.
Now to move onto another style  of painting.
I will work on the red gesso background next.

Tuesday I speak to the Friends of the Library as part of completing my Grant.
That will leave two more speaking engagements to go.
I am speaking on the grant process, types of grants available,
and offer to mentor someone else in the grant process.
I am not to comfortable in front of groups. It is always a challenge.
WIsh me steady nerves and remambering my talk in proper order.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

67th Annual Salon Show

I spent the afternoon with some friends at the Salon Show in Munster, Indiana.
Wow the contemporary works of art  were outstanding.
Three Blackbirds by Pam Eberlin of Chicago Heights was unique.

 I thought this was a unique use of photography.
Sliced and distorted.

 Than there was the Award of Distinction for
 Bonnie Zimmer's "Natural Selection."
A different twist on a mandala taking it vertical.
 Bonnie is head of the Art Department
at Saint Joseph Collage in Rensselaer, Indiana.
She is also the teacher in my Friday class of Ceramics Two.
This was an excelent show.
 I have a long way to go to compete at this level.
 Maybe next year? I hope.