Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy busy

 Sorry about not posting.
I do not know where the past 4 days went.
I was folding and packing the fabric for my Nancy Crow
workshop. Christmas shopping. Christmas baking.
It is amazing how much time it takes to sort out
what a person needs to take to a workshop.
Mind boggling.
I also need to get all my Christmas prep done.
I will have only 9 days when I get back
from the class.
The week-end promises to be warm and sunny.
I plan to get everything ready for the workshop
so I can relax the week before.
Spend some quality time with my husband.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A beauutiful art quilt.

I have been too busy to do anything new
so I thought I would share what my friend Pat
did with some luscious fabrics.
I love  love the colors.
She has such a knack for putting the right
fabrics together.
Thanksgiving is a busy time.
Catching up with family and friends.
Saturday my daughter and grand daughter
came over for a chat.
Liz is in her first year of teaching art.
So much fun when we all can relate on the
same plane. Sent her some with some books
and magazines to share with her students.
Now to get packed for the Nancy Crow
workshop that starts on December 10th.
Will I have enough fabric?
Never enough.