Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sun Shine

 I am so thankful for the sunshine.
It makes my photographs glow from the inside
out and I love it.
I took another walk around the yard yesterday
 afternoon the sun make the leaves glow.
I have so many ideas for art quilts I will
 not live long enough to do them all.
Don't you love the red leaves. I had not
noticed this maple tree until yesterday so
I almost missed the most glorious red.
Than the hydrangea bush was special.
Leaves with holes. Yum.
Well I am sorting 5 baskets of junk in
hopes that I find my I-Pod nano which I
haven't seen since we got home form
Minnesota the end of June.
Hopefully I find it. It holds all my Christmas music.

Friday, November 8, 2013

There is still some fall color

 When I opened the garage door I got a lovely
view of two of my favorite trees. Still glowing
with color. Just got to love those maples.
 Looking out the back the koi pond still has a
pleasant faded color around it. The gold fish
positively glowed in the cold water.
Yesterday my helper Beverly and I gave the Studio
a good clean up. Vacuum and dusted everything.
Such a good feeling because we only do this maybe
once a year. Now I am set for the winter. I am looking
forward to after Christmas when I can go to the Studio
for 4 months and create away. Beverly has been with
me for over 30 years. She is the reason I could have
a career and a clean house at the same time.
If you work you know how hard it is to keep up
the home  front. I loved coming home from those 10
days to cleanliness and order. I had another person
at the office that kept that organized. Jan would
keep the business part of my life on track.
Sometimes you think back  of people that were
in your life and think of them with great fondness.
Life is good and getting better with age.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Its raining out today.
I am glad the pond was getting low and I was
concerned for the fish for the winter.
We need a lot of rain to get the water level up
before the pond freezes over.
Lots to do today.  Maybe I can make some more
quilt cards or a few mini quilts for the Holiday show
Friday. I was in Valparaiso yesterday and there
is a new store next to JC Penny. A Hobby Lobby.
How convenient. A closer place to get small
canvases. I use to back my mini quilts.
Well I better get started on my day.
First a quick pick up in the studio.
Left it a mess Monday.
Than time to create some small gift items.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More of the fall color

 Just cannot get enough of the trees this time of year.
I sent a box off to Ohio yesterday to the Ohio Craft
Museum. Than I set up my part of the holiday show.
Today I will get my knees fixed up for another 4 months.
Hopefully it works that long.
 How thankful I am this month for all I have.
On face book several of us are doing 30 days of
being thankful. It is a good exercise for the soul.
Thinking of others for a change.
Well I need to get an early start to get my errands
done before my shots  afterwards I will disappear
for a day. Curl up on the sofa and wonder why I did
this. But by Wednesday morning it will pass.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cooking up a storm

 I am having a Studio Tour on the 16th of November
for fiber artist in the state of Indiana. The SAQA
artist will be coming for lunch so I have been cooking.
Everything is in the freezer ready to go.
Friday I made the last soup a ham and potato soup
with Yukon potatoes freshly dug from the garden.
It is so good. The apple pie was for the weekend.
It lasted until supper time. I sent some home with
Brad and Mark. One way to limit our sugar.
I also made banana bread. A favorite at our house.
I have another box of mini art quilts ready to ship
off to the Ohio Craft Museum. My art for the Holiday
show is packed and ready to load in the car.
Today I will put my things up a day early.
I have to get injections in my knees Tuesday.
That should last me until February or longer.
 I just want to feel good for the holidays.
Well it is a busy day today and I better get started.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Color in my back yard

 Took a stroll around the back yard yesterday.
The colors are finally here and beautiful.
I think this is mt favorite time of the year.
 I spent 4 hours in the studio yesterday.
Hopefully I will have some mini quilts to
send off to the Ohio Craft Museum for their
gift shop on Monday. I got my work for
the Holiday show ready to go for Monday.
I will put my stuff up Monday because I will
 get injections in my knees on Tuesday.
Hopefully be Friday the show start the
steroids will have calmed down a little.
Have a nice week-end.