Saturday, August 17, 2013

AQS Quilt Week

 I really enjoyed going to the show in Grand Rapids.
The quilts were gorgeous and the vendors good.
I swore I would not buy any more fabric well
that vow lasted all of   15 minutes. I did get some
lovely hand dyed fabrics.
 My class on Thursday -Stitched Paintings- with
Katie Pasquini Masopust was enjoyable. She is
such a nice person and a good teacher. The class
was lively and fast paced and I got a lot out of
it. We painted on 3 light weight canvas's that had
been coated with GAC-100 which makes a good surface.
We added some fabric on top of the painted surface
and than some more paint.Than we cut out 2 circles
and 1 rectangle switched them out and stitched
them, Than we sliced and switch twice more.
The resulted are the first 2 photos.
The 3rd photo is my scrapes stitched together.
This piece I will add some more to than cut it to
make some quilt greeting cards.
 Of course you cannot go to Michigan without bringing
home some fruit both fresh and jellied.
Also honey and maple syrup.It was a good trip.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ON the road again

I leave this morning for Grand Rapids. I  haven't
figured out my new tablet yet so you may not
hear from me until Friday or Saturday.
Bur I will try to figure it out tonight.
Love   this cold weather.
I am looking forward to my class Thursday.
Will try and take lots of photos.
I am packed and ready so I will leave
early so I can mosey slowly to there.
I need to take some Lake Michigan photos.
The perfect opportunity on the way up
and the way back. The Columbus
Craft Museum want some more small art quilts.
They really like the water ones.
Well I am off to the city.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pink and yellow is the theme this week.

 I woke up early this am. So I got up and
packed my suitcase for my class this week
at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids. I get to paint and
 quilt. What could be better.
I am getting  prepared to work on my 12 foot
wide installation. My grand daughter is coming
over to help attach grey felt to 3 new
4 x 8 two inch thick foam design boards.
I will work the 6 panels on the boards.
This week the gardens are full of yellow
and pink. The season is coming to an end there
will not be much left to bloom after this.
Well time to get busy.