Friday, January 24, 2014

No excuses.

There is a local fabric store going out of business.
I had already bought 59 yards of fabric and 79
skeins of floss for hand stitching. I just couldn't
stop there I went back and found some more
fabric and another 24 skeins of floss. 
 The fabric is $4.50 a yard buy 10 yards and get
1 yard free and the floss is 50 cents buy 5 get one free.
I also bought 5 drawers to hold the floss.
I need to live until 100 to use up my stash.
Hope I make it,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leaves and more leaves

Today I cut a bunch of strips to do the leaves on my big
quilt. I usually cut different shades so the tree has some
dimension. Than it is snip snip  and using a tweezers I
place the leaves on the quilt. This is a time consuming
project. The tree seems to come to life when I dress it
in its leaves.

 My prize come in the mail today from lasts weeks
Virginia Spiegel's 5 K fund raiser. I got the Havel
scissors. I mentioned to Chris from Havel that I had
large arthritic fingers and instead of the little snipers
they sent a scissor for large fingers.
I will really enjoy this  addition to my sewing supplies.
I also made some pot holders for a friend of mine
Gail she is having us over for lunch to show us
her newly completed kitchen. I thought a
little gift was in order.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 I am progressing on the center panel.
I have all the reflections in on the bottom.
Duh I just remembered the leaves.
While that tells me I need to do the leaves
before I stitch the water lines on the rest
of the bottom.
 I like the stitching on the tree trunk.
I think I should be able to finish this
panel by the week-end. So  I am on
schedule so far. With the cold weather
we are having I have no desire to go out.
Looks  like at least 10 days of staying in.


 A day 
of reflection on the needless 
 Violence on Purdue campus yesterday. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Snowy Winter

 Thank goodness we did not get the lake effect.
I have had enough snow and we are only half way.
Snow does create neat  photos though.
I hope to get 2 hours in the studio today.
I am thread stitching the trees and bushes on the
big quilt. I am finally getting the basic elements
down in my head and am satisfied with the composition.
I am starting to enjoy the process and trying some
new things. I started a new book yesterday and
could not put it down Finished it at 1 am.
Well off to the studio.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Barb Lucan photographer

 The show I am making the big quilt for is a joint
effort with Bark Lucas. She will have photographs
and I will have art quilts. The Southern shoveler in the
above photo I am using in the middle panel.
 I will be using the photo of the Heron and the Squirrels
in two other panels. Her photographs which she
generously let me use for inspiration are superb.
I really like the Heron. She is so clever and set
up a stump and long with natural vegetation
in her front yard to photograph the wildlife
as they eat at her feeders. The other photos she take
as she goes on bird watching walks with our mutual
friend Lynn. Our circle of friends are all nature crazy.
Our joint show will also feature a power point on
her computer during the opening showing more photos.
Barb also does lectures taking about birds.