Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leaves and more leaves

Today I cut a bunch of strips to do the leaves on my big
quilt. I usually cut different shades so the tree has some
dimension. Than it is snip snip  and using a tweezers I
place the leaves on the quilt. This is a time consuming
project. The tree seems to come to life when I dress it
in its leaves.

 My prize come in the mail today from lasts weeks
Virginia Spiegel's 5 K fund raiser. I got the Havel
scissors. I mentioned to Chris from Havel that I had
large arthritic fingers and instead of the little snipers
they sent a scissor for large fingers.
I will really enjoy this  addition to my sewing supplies.
I also made some pot holders for a friend of mine
Gail she is having us over for lunch to show us
her newly completed kitchen. I thought a
little gift was in order.

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