Friday, February 27, 2015

More small quilts

 Finished all 3 more art quilts for my summer show Chairs.
I am having fun. These may not be the most artistic
but the crazy quilts are fun. I may have to do a big
crazy quilt. I have 4 more to do before I move 
on to bigger quilts.
 I love the fassett fabrics in these smalls.
Photos from my collection make them more interesting.
Today I will have no time for the studio.
I go back to the skin doc to get a slice out of my arm.
All those days in the sum as a youth are coming
back to haunt me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SO far this week.

 I changed the wing on the bird.
My husband kept saying it did not look right.
Even though I followed the photograph.
It does look better.
 My next bird art quilt is sort of a collage.
I think it is OK.
I am working on a larger sunflower quilt.
I have to decide it it will be a wall quilt or a pillow.
I still am undecided.
Winter continues here in the middle.
My sunflower seeds arrived in the mail today.
I am looking forward to planting them,
The sent me a packet of rust colored coreopis.
Spring will come eventually.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Junco in the pines

 Saturday I made this bird quilt.
The back ground square is 15 x 15.
I spent about 5 hours creating this one.
The pine boughs turned out really nice.
This is number 6 so I have 29 to go.
Wonder how many I can make this week.
I need to go north to the UP store to send
my quilts for the International Quilt Show in Rosemont.
So I will have a few hours less this week.