Saturday, June 23, 2012

New fabric

 We never have enough fabric.
Well I thought I needed to add bits of red to my quilts.
Loni Rossi does red right.
I can just see red maple leaves.
Sumac in the fall.
 I see lots of fun in these photos.
I love the moths and the dragonfly.
A quiet day in the studio today.
This week has been busy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More and More Flowers

 I told you things were a riot of color.
Love the deep red,
 Purple is always good
 Than there is yellow.
These smell delicious too.
Many shades of yellow.
I love  my gardens.
I was out planting at 4:30 this morning.
My husband's garden has been lunch for the deer.
They ate half of his tomatoes.
So yesterday I stopped at Brown's in Rensselaer
they had annuals and veggies 75% off.
I found him 20 tomato plants  for 25 cents each.
Than I made the mistake of looking at the flowers.
Naturally I had to take 2 flats home to add sparkle.
I even found 2 honey dew melon plants
I put them outside my studio window.
Oh did I say Studio.
That place I should be creating in now.
I am off to a different kind of sparkle.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love my flowers

 I love how each day there are new flowers blooming.
I am so glad I inherited so many flowers from my father.
The yellow day lilies are very fragrant.
Over the years(50 of them) I got starts from my father.
I propagated them, shared them and enjoyed them.
He really loved his plants.
We watch the honeysuckle  that I got from the home place
10 years ago bloom and attract hummingbirds.
The Magnolia tree has doubled in size.
The Siberian iris are a favorite of mine.
Love the deep purple.
I have passed this legacy unto my daughter.
She loves flowers like I do.
SO far the grand kids have been resistant.
They look upon it as work.
I have a few Oak leaf hydrangea's that need to be shared
I better give my  friend Terri a call to come dig.
Always a good time.
Good to share and talk flowers and lake cottages.
The lucky girl they bought a cabin in Wisconsin.
Sne retired from her job and will enjoy the Northwoods.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My gallery in the studio

I have a gallery set up in the studio.
Easy for my clients to pick out gifts for Holidays.
I think I have got everything in order inside and out.
We are ready for someone to look at our house.
I shudder at the thought of downsizing.
Yesterday was busy,
My grandson Brad helped for 5 hours.
Swept out my husband's garage and shop.
Hosed the front, washed windows
 and mulched around the garage.
The outside looks great now,
Thanks to our grandson's help.
Life is good for us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot Hot and Hotter.

It feels more like August than June.
A perfect excuse to stay in the studio
and let the weeds grow in the heat.
We are going to fulfill something on our bucket list.
We rented a house on a lake for a month next year.
The kids and their kids can visit us.
Someone to take Grandpa fishing.
Something to look forward to next year.
I will take my sewing machine, camera and watercolors.
Sew, Paint and take lots of photos for
future art quilts.
I love the north wooods  having spent my
childhood going to this lake for 2 weeks
every summer. Taking our family there until I was 45.
Will be nice to get acquainted with the place again.
Yesterday 6 crows came and cleaned the
corn and sunflower seeds off of the driveway.
They also cleaned out most of a row of sweet
corn in the garden that my husband planted.
new procedure plant and cover with chicken wire.
The deer mowed off half of the tomatoes.
My husband put a fence around the garden yesterday.
The joys of the country.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I have been busy.

I haven't blogged  for awhile,
 Sorry - I had to take time out to clean my house and studio.
My daughter in law sent the info on my house to a Realtor.
We have had 12 years living at the special place.
But we need to downsize eventually.
Somehow squeeze 4000 sq feet into 1700 sq ft.
With a bonus room for a studio.
It is getting harder to keep up a large home and larger yard.
So if it happens it was meant to be.
If not we will live here in paradise longer.
 I dyed some background for my new project
but I ended up using my first choice.
The colors are the palette for my new quilt.
I am going to try for the Quilt Nationals.
If I doesn't work I will have 2 pieces for my show next May.
SO it is a win win.
I get a head start on May's show.
Or I hit the jackpot.
May as well aim high.
Summer brings a show of color.
Flowers keep blooming all season.
In March the ground is bare and brown.
Than it warms up and a riot of blooms
 pop out of the ground and delight us all summer.
I just love the magenta petunias with an edge of lime green.
They are my favorite new annual.
Have to have a few annuals for color.
Well a full day in the studio today.
A clean studio at that.