Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Things

Yesterday the phone rang at 5 am.
Never a good thing.
My mother was in the hospital with CHF
plus a few other things.
So I spent my day there.
When I got there she was sort of semi-conscious.
Well within a few hours and some anti-biotic
she perked up.
I knew she was going to be all right when she
started to get sassy with the nurses and
demanding things.
I am amazed at old people how they bounce back
so often. She will be 93 this year.
A regular energizer bunny.
Keeps on ticking.
I am glad I stayed the afternoon.
The hospital is in the midst of implementing
a new computer record system and the
nurses were frazzled.
Glad to help out by doing the simple things for Mom.
Left them time to figure out the computers.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer in the Woods

Love the sun on the rocks and the
 cool blue waters of Lake Michigan.
Strolling through the woods in and
out of the dappled sunshine.
I must make time to spend some time
up in the north woods again this fall.
Spent some time with my daughter
yesterday. She is such a good person.
A cardiac nurse for 27 years, mother
of 2 of my grandchildren and just a good friend.
She shared some of her gardens bounty.
Peppers and English cucumbers.
I made our first batch of tomato juice
for the season. With garlic, celery, jalapeno
peppers and a touch of cayenne.
This batch I will freeze instead of can.
Ready for a morning in the studio.
Life is good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Walk into the sunshine.

I made some progress on my Quilt National entry.
It seems like everything is getting in the way of art.
Today  I bring entries to another show.
Mail one of for the Salon Show,
And another Doctor appointment for my knees.
Hopefully they can do something besides replacements.
Just to busy for that.
Wednesday in time for another epidural in my spine.
I will keep putting one foot in front of the other.
I will keep creating.
If not it will be some garage sale.
I have enough fabric to start a store.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Northern Lights

Northern Lights art quilt is sold.
I loved the colors in this quilt.
My inspiration came from the northern lights
I have seem when in Minnesota.
The inky navy blue black skies.
The lime green lights glowing in the sky.
Orange glow flickering through it all.
Is is nice that it will have a good home.
The young man was excited to be collecting art.
I made good headway in clearing the furnace room.
Another day or two should do it.
I am eliminating 4 shelf units.
I am consolidating the stuff to 2 shelf units.
I have been putting my supplies on
carts with wheels.
When I want to work a certain media I roll out the cart.
Easier on the old back.
Need to get done by Saturday.
Monday and Tuesday my grandson will give
us 2 more days of help then he is back to school.
I plan on him moving my dye stuff downstairs.
Thanks goodness for strong backs of young people.