Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold and Sunny

It is cold and sunny here in NW Indiana.
We could use lots of snow.
Our ground water table is way down.
I am actually worried that the fish in the big pond
will freeze solid this winter.
Should have ate them last summer.
I have 3 whole days in a row to spend in the
studio. I need to get a group of 3 small art quilts
done and mailed to the Ohio Craft Museum.
They need to be there by next Wednesday.
So I had better get busy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

THe start of some new art quilts.

 The first step in the process.
I printed some of my photos on fabric.
fused them onto backgrounds and today I will
add quilting. Than I think I will do some canvas
backgrounds and add the small quilts to this.
Than maybe embellish with beads or
found objects. Frog time was at the
International Quilt Show in Houston.
With the haku I wrote for it. I love the water lilies.
 Than the road in the woods in Wisconsin.
My husband and I took  a trip in the fall
to see the beauty of Wisconsin.
Another full day in the studio. Nice.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carrolina Wren

 I only see this little fellow in the winter,
it is a Carolina Wren.  I keep my feeders full
this time of the year. The birds need food and energy.
They are such a pleasure to watch.
April and I had a good time dyeing fabric.
I will take a photo this afternoon to show you
our new colors. She wanted to learn how to make
more deep colors. I had gotten some new colors as well
so we worked together Friday to dye some
old bedsheets. She does the Binky patrol and makes
quilts for children. A local hotel gives them the
old sheets for backing when they replace theirs.
They make perfect pieces to dye.
Yesterday it took me all afternoon to pull the
threads on a stitched piece I dyed.
Saturday morning I made lunch for the construction
crew. Bacon and egg sandwiches  plus honemade
chicken noodle soup, brownies and chocolate milk.
My grandsons were waiting for my car when
I brought lunch to the site. Everyone is helping
my son build their dream home.
Quite an undertaking.