Saturday, June 22, 2013

Perfect house for a small Minnesota town

While exploring the Otter tail area I found this house.
What a perfect fit for a farming town.
imaginative  people live here.
While as our Minnesota saga continues we
were treated to a spectacular storm that blew
the rain right through the windows and kept
us awake until 3 am. We only had branches and
leaves to pick up the neighbors all had damage
to their dock and the pontoon next door was
upside down. In between this my son still
took his family bull heading again and
caught 22 of them in 45 minutes before the
storm forced him to return to the house.
Today there is only one week left of our
epic vacation the youngest son will leave
with his family and Sunday night the
oldest child Kathy will arrive with her
family. One more week of cool nights
and good sleeping in Minnesota.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Canoe wins

 Well the 2 in the canoe beat the 3 in the boat.
Hunter is proud of his bass and the cooler full
of crappie, sun fish and bass.

 But in the evening Mom and Brent caught
24 inch walleyes. I would say they are having a
great time here. This morning it is raining
They and the fish need a rest.
The returning hero's.
What memories for the boys when they look
back on the summer of 2013.
It looks like our plan of giving our kids another
trip to Battle Lake before we are gone was
a good idea. The red heads have 2 more days
than the last bunch comes up to Minnesota.
Time to forge some more memories.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Head Mania

 The red heads went fishing twice in the boat today.
Had a campfire supper of pudgy pies and hot dogs
and now they are bull heading at the bridge
with 20 million mosquito's.  Grandpas in bed and
I will be follow soon. Wow do they have energy.

 In the morning Grandpa will take 2 of them crappie
fishing and John and Hunter will take the canoe
and go sun fish fishing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Minnesota churches

All through the countryside in Minnesota are churches,
Most are Lutheran and out in the country.
After a couple of quiet days the latest
family group arrived at 10 pm last night.
The 3 red heads will make it lively this week.
When they leave here they will go to
Milwaukee for a week of missions
with the church youth group.
They will rebuild something.
But for now it will be fishing.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The end of a perfect day at the lake.

Yesterday was a nice quiet interlude between
families. Mark left early in the morning and the next
group will arrive late tonight. Two days of not
cooking. I watched 2 documentaries on pottery
yesterday. St. Johns University near the twin
cities must have a unique art program. The 2
hours was very informative I wanted to get my
hands on some clay and start to build something.
There are not enough days in the year to do
everything I want to do. I love art.
This summer I wan to make some raku fish,
dye lots of fabric, embellish the surface of
the fabric and create some great fiber art.
Only 2 more weeks and I will be back in
the studio. My friend Beverly is a good
house sitter and I know the house will
be spotless when I get home.
Well I must start another day of quiet.
Have a good one.