Friday, January 10, 2014

Started the big art quilt.

I finally started putting fabric on the 5 panels of
the big quilt. Taking photos help me see where
to go with a quilt. This is just the background I will
be making lots of changes in the elevations. The horizon
needs to dip and flow and the far tree line is too dark.
Well it is a start. Looks like quite a daunting
task. Thinking maybe I was a little ambitious
but than nothing ventured nothing gained.
It will be a nice landscape quilt when I am done.
Today is taken up with Doc appointments.
Eyes and than a mammogram, next week the dentist.
Got behind in my yearly exams.
Looking forward to finishing this quilt.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 SAQA Trunk show quilt.

Finally made a chart of deadlines for shows.
The first to get done was this little quilt for
SAQA. 7 inch by 10 inch. It was a fun project.
It is due by January 31.
Today I must first vacuum around my sewing
area just a little deep with scraps.
Today I will work on the background of the
5 paneled landscaped quilt. I am finally
get myself mentally ready  to do it.
I find getting started each year hard.
I seem to forget what I did the year before.
Plus the studio is a little messy and I like order.
Well have a great day I am off to the studio.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art for Martha

 I got a call from Martha yesterday asking if I had
any larger pieces. I had to think so I went down to
the studio and found these. The top one is Atmosperic
a 30 x 50 tall fiber art. Cotton velveteen rust dyed
The one my grandson told me it looks like spilled coffee.
Below are two of my favorites.
Walden Woods is 30x48 and a very impressionistic
painting. I hung it next to Grasshopper which
is 18x36 another abstract. I am looking forward
to getting my major art quilts done so I can paint
a little. Love the abstracts. The grasshopper has
an encaustic square with a grasshopper on it.
 Then there is Green Valley a acrylic that is 26x50.
A nice landscape that strictly came from
 my imagination.
 Another acrylic and one of my private collection
is Autumn Glow. 28 x 34 I love the detail of the
roots of the tree and the horizon. So I do something
besides art quilts when I have time.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The view out the studio window

 Another day snowed in.
One more to go.
This is a really tough storm.
The roads are still shut down even the interstate.
I will be glad when it warms up. My son, husband
and grandsons do all the commercial snow plowing.
This storm has been downright dangerous.
Snow plowing
Saturday night, Sunday morning 4 am to noon to
Monday without a rest. They finally said enough
and told the last customer it is just too cold.
They will get them in the morning.
Now I can quit worrying about them.
Now for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another snowy day - enough already

 This is going to be the year of snow and more snow.
church is cancelled, the snow keeps drifting
slowly down and will until midnight.
 At least it is pretty.
These birds have given me an idea for a
group of 3 quilts long and narrow.
Hung one on top of each other.
Some benefit to a quiet day of reflection.
Gets the thought process working.
Have a nice day.
I think it is a pajama day.
How about you