Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cold in Minnesota

 I was thinking of these photos from last winter
today. It was only 50 degrees where I am.
I looked out at the lake and thought it was snowing.
Really windy but it gave us a day to unpack
and look over the town I had not been here
for 20 plus years. It has not changed at all.
I finally figured out how to us the hot spot on
my phone to get online on the computer.
Sunday is supposed to be bright and sunny.
Maybe I can get some nice photos.
It is a beautiful sot to stay only 5 houses on this
 road and lots of trees. There is a robin sitting
on a nest in a tree next to the house.
I will try and get some photos Sunday.
Night all .

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Water everywhere

 Finally I have a computer again I took it to the
computer doc to get scrubbed clean and it runs
much better now. Today we load up the truck
to go to Minnesota. Brad will be here in one hour
to help me load.
 It has been raining off an on for 4 days and every
thing is lush. Having no computer for 4 days makes
me appreciate the darn thing.
Well no tome to waste I must finish packing
to be ready for my grandsons help He wanted to
start at 7 am I convinced him 7:30 was better
I need to get a cup of hot tea to jump start the body.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer is Here


 So far the week-end has been nice.
Sunny and warm enough.
Everything is blooming purple outside.
Having a lazy Sunday church than out for lunch
a long nap and reading a book.
I am taking a break from packing maybe if I
procrastinate someone will do it for me.
Have a nice Holiday week-end.