Friday, April 12, 2013

The art quilt and the painting that inspired the quilt.

 This is one of my favorite quilts and painting
that inspired it. I loved both.
The quilt in in New Mexico and the painting is
hanging over my sink in the studio. At least I kept
one of them. I have to remember to keep some of the
better works of art I do. My kids might want them
later in life.  It has been a rainy time but we do
need the ground moisture. So no complaints.
Yesterday I spent the day in Lafayette. I stopped
at Joann's with my coupons and got a bolt each of
805, 807 and a box of cheesecloth. The clerk
wanted to know what I was going to do with 80
yards of cheesecloth. Well with dyes it will become
tree trunks, water, and grasses on the 6 by 10 ft.
art quilt I will install next October. I thought I
had better get started now. I also found a nice cool
top to wear to the gallery walk for our show in May.
I got home by 9 pm and crashed. I slept 8 hours
which is unusual for me. I cleaned up the wet
studio and put away the clay stuff. Now it is
a matter of waiting for it to dry and bisque fire
the items, I ended up with 10 fish, 5 vases and
some small stuff to experiment with glazes on.
Now to go back to label my work for the show
and make sure it is all in order. That means a
bright light and look for threads to clip. The
 wood ducks have landed for the summer I so
enjoy watching them on the pond. We just need
some sunshine and warm weather. The tomatoes
have all sprouted in the sum room and now to
thin them out. I think my husband planter 8 per cell.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

International Quilt Show

If you happen to be at the International Quilt Show
in Cincinnati this week look for this quilt. It is
one of 2 I have in the show. I cannot attend  I
have another show in Lafayette, Indiana.
Let me know what you think.
I made 4 more vase forms with leaves on them
and now just to clean up in them morning and
let it all dry for 10 days than bisque them.
I will raku most of it the week before the show.
So far I have 11 fish , 5 weed pots and 4 small
dishes on legs. all are leaf theme.
Thursday will be a day spent in Lafayette.
I have a FibR meeting and I plan to so some
shopping before.
Talk to you again on Friday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I think all but one goldfish survived the winter.
Such a bright glow of orange. Our son-in-law
thought they would make good bait visible
 underwater so the larger fish would see them.
Yesterday I cleaned off the table in the wet
studio and pulled out the clay utensils.
I made 5 fish and one vase. They will be Raku
fired to go to the May show in Lafayette.
This morning I will see if I can make 5 more
fish and this afternoon is my weekly massage.
I lead such a rough life. It is so nice to
 have warmer weather. We even have to open
windows to let the heat out. The passive solar
is working. Have a great day you all.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Walking outside.

 Yesterday I took a walk outside. It is finally warm.
I thought the pattern of these burning bush were
intriguing. The woody stems forming a great texture.
 The crocus are in full bloom lending a shot of
sunshine yellow to the dreary landscape.
I noticed this morning that the daffodils are
blooming and so the season starts.The season of
yard work and weeding.  I still need to find some
help My 21 year old grandson has 2 jobs and no
time for grandma anymore. I will have to train
another grandchild I have been fortunate in my
grand children. Someone always steps up to the job.
Brent the one graduating this year from
 high school is going into landscape architecture.
He is being wine and dined by 2 universities.
 He already has 12 college credits
from taking online course's with the colleges.
Mostly math and science. The next grandson wants to
do Veterinary science. This summer he will shadow
various vets in the area. Amazing kids.
I brought my art to Art Mix and have one deadline
out of the way. Now to finish the hangers on May's
show and start some clay projects. But first
a relaxing Sunday of nothing but reading .