Friday, May 20, 2011

Worth the Work.

I am much more organized now.
A sewing space, a painting space
and a collage  and paper space.
 I finally have a idea wall with
lots of art from friends and fellow artist.
Cabinets to store supplies.
The rolling cart holds paper supplies.
A nice tall ironing space.

 A design wall to try out ideas.

 I wonder how long it will stay this clean.
Probably 2 weeks at the most.
 I love the U shape work area.
Cutting table, sewing  L shape space.
A double table to spread out on.
 This is the view I missed tucked away in the furnace room.
My window on my world. I will keep this as my studio space.
The furnace room will be the potters space.

Another day in the yard than I can create again.
Have a great week-end.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cleaning the studio today.

Do you think it needs it? LOL
I crashed after the opening last week-end.
Need to regain some sense of order.
That is this mornings job.
 When it gets too messy I cannot create.
I got a new rectangular iron board cover.
I will have the hubby cut a board  to fit
the top of my current iron board and complete it.
Looking forward to creating again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A busy day at Cedar Ridge

Back in April I cut out 3 overgrown arborvitae
on the south side of the sun room.
Instead of more shrubs that need trimming each year
I arranged a bench and all of my containers there.
Need to add some annuals for color and its done.
 Than I need to plant some planters around the small pond.
I like color and plants where I look out each day.
I will set up a drip irrigation for the pots.
I know I will not want to hand water in late July and August.

 The dogwood tree my son planted when he was in high school is full of blooms.
He is now 41 years old. We moved one with us 11 years ago.
A nice contrast  amongst the Canadian Hemlocks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Greens

The greens of spring are delightful.
Especially the light lime green.
These photos will be the subjects for a new series of quilts.
The meadow  to the west  is always interesting.
The seasons change and so does the mood.
Light and lively now in green.
 The tiny apple tree shine a nice shade of lime.
 The dark pines give it contrast.
The budding oaks join in the symphony.
What a gorgeous view with the sun highlighting the scene.

Always the windmill spins away in the breeze.
I can only imagine in the past when this was
 a small farm the animals getting a drink
at the water trough and grazing on the grasses.
  All photographs tell a story.