Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back after a busy week.

What has been keeping me busy for the past 3 months.
Last nights opening.
happily lots of red dots.
To fund another few months in art experimentation.
A view of the gallery as you enter the show. 
 One of my art quilts , the Kankakee River Marsh painting
and a few sunsets taken at Cedar Ridge .
 More small art quilts.
This grouping of fall features paintings
small art quilts and a art quilt of a painting. 
The pond as depicted in a art quilt painting.
The Kankakee River Marsh on a Jasper red gesso background.
Note the glow of red through the water.
Check out Caroline Jasper on line.
A great artist. 
Jasper red gesso is named after her.
A small grouping of winter.
Art quilt, watercolor, acrylic painting and small quilted dreamscapes 
My sculptures of Adam and Eve.
I rolled a slab then went outside for a Canadian Hemlock branch.
I love how the branch wraps around Eve at the waist.
No one would ever know I love the woods, trees, water and birds.