Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoosier Rivers & Roads Quilt

The Jasper County Art League will have a show
in Lafayette June 24th through July 29th.
I will take my show down the 17th of June
So far I have sold 9 pieces.
I have to hang the new show on the 20th of June.
Yesterday I started a new art quilt to compliment 
the painting I will enter.
I will have 5 pieces if I keep working hard.
This quilt depicts the Kankakee River.
Love the batiks for the base.

                       The beginning of a new work of art.
                       I love the colors of this one.
                       Last night I took my 21 year old grandson out
                       for Burritos to his favorite place  La Carreta's
                       He will come over today to put together 2 carts for me.
                       Sam's Club has the nicest carts on wheels.
                       I like my supplies in carts.
                       Easy access and easy to put away.
                       Now for a walk around the yard before I create.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sights along my morning walk.

The early morning rain  refreshed my gardens.
The honeysuckle was the star this morning. 
A morning walk in the cool dewy air
wakes up my mind and body.
I am ready for another day in the studio.
I will try to conquer the Rivers of Indiana quilt.
I am finding it a challenge.
I never did like geography class in school.
I need to bring it to a more arty place.
                       Have a great day and hopefully after today
                       I will have something to show you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Morning at the ridge

The heat is broken with a rain overnight.
99 degrees is too hot for June.
June is supposed to be springy.
Flowers, birds singing and quiet.
Not this June.
Hot and Windy.
I fear that the birds will have  a do over this month.
A lots of nests littered the ground after the storm
I have only seen a lone martin in the air.
Wonder what happen to the other 6?

I struggled with my Indiana rivers quilt yesterday.
I hope with the rain refreshing the outside
I will have some refreshed brain cells in the studio this morning.
I will report back with the results.
An early morning start may make the difference.
I suppose everyone has days like yesterday.
As the thunder rumbles in the distance
I head to the studio.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stately matters.

Another hot hot day at Cedar Ridge.
I am so glad the power is back.
Some parts of town are still out.
Yesterday I got the background ready for my quilt.
   I made the pattern and found all the rivers.

 Choose the fabrics for some interest.
 I found a nice creamy neutral for the background.
Fused it to the batting.
Today's job is to start  quilting.
Somehow I need to trace all the rivers to the top.

But first I have to spray for weeds.
A never ending job with the gardens.
A condo looks better all the time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tranquill lily pond to this.

Saturday started off nice and finished with gusto.
We finally got power back by Monday noon.
We woke up to the sound of
 generators & chain saws for 2 mornings.
Look at the bright side to this picture.
I lost the top of the pine tree
but I gained a bunch of bark for art  projects.
My grandsons peeled off the bark
as they cleared out the tree.
            The worst part is the mess.
            The grand sons will take care of it.
            Thanks goodness for grandsons all 6 of them.
 My husbands cherished pear trees do not stand up to wind.
  Lovely bunch of garlic & asparagus.
This will taste great sauteed in olive oil with salmon for supper.
My reward for dusting the potatoes this morning.
Now for a day of creating.