Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini Art Quilts

 Good Morning all.
Saturday's are good days.
I finally took a little time to make something
small. a few 4x6 art quilts for cards.
Been too busy to create.
Soon I will be able to spend 5 days quilting.
Cannot wait.
Today I have a pit fire scheduled by the pond
for the local high school pottery class.
Should be a fun event.
I have saved branches, dried grasses and leaves,
the kids are bringing horse pies and horse hair.
The pies make a pink cast and the hair black lines
on the pottery.
I have some copper carbonate and will borrow
some dog food from the neighbor.
Dog food  has minerals and salts that provide
 another layer of color.
We burn today cover the fire and pots with sand
 and than dig up either Sunday or Monday.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Picking my fabrics for QSDS

 Is this too much fabric to take to QSDS?
Choices.  Choices such indecision.
I thought putting the fabric in Zip lock bags would keep it
organized. Probably for about 2 seconds.
I am glad I started last week putting things out for class.
I just need a couple of hours to screen, stamp
over paint and alter some fabrics.
I dropped my shirts at the cleaner to be ironed.
Just not enough time.
Isn't it interesting how life stays so busy
even in our golden years.
Yesterday I spent 5 hours clearing out the last of
my Mothers room. Bittersweet to see how our
 lives keep getting smaller as we age.
 She will be down to her recliner some clothes
and a couple of personal things hanging on the wall.
Her mind flits in and out.
Sometime she knows us sometimes not.
10 years of watching the decline into dementia
is a sad thing. 91 years and counting.
Not what the golden years should be.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results of the Dye pot.

I love  the greens and browns. I learned a lot doing this dye.
Mainly to do less at a time.15 pots of dye is too much.
6 will be about all I should handle in a day. 
The eggplant on the right below is luscious.
Amethyst I was hoping for a pale lavender.
It is more magenta. Next time add some eggplant to it.
 The over dyes were not bad .
I do not like the bright green on the right
but will cover it with some surface designs
and have a good fabric to work with.
 The one on the left and below are paint rags from
acrylic painting sessions over dyed.
They will be great to work with.
Overall the results are all usable.
I will finish selecting fabric this morning
for QSDS2012 and than try to get 2 hours in
my mothers assisted living apartment packing it up.
She is moving to Skilled care and they want her room
emptied before I leave.
 Her dementia's worsened over the week-end
and it is no longer safe for her to be alone.
Something always comes up when you are the busiest.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bright spots in my day.

 Spring brings lots of flowers and birds.
This is the first year I had an Oriole in the yard.
They sure stand out.
I was dyeing fabric yesterday and the sun yellow
turned out a bright orange so I dulled it with brown.
I did some amethyst too.
I will go out in a couple minutes and start rinsing
them off under the pine trees.
My day is so busy yes I am going out a 5 am.
It should be light.
Hopefully no snakes like yesterday.
Went out to move the sprinkler and saw the end of a snake
my eyes followed the body back to the head
just an inch from my toes. I moved pretty fast.
I almost stepped on the head.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Results of play date with FibR

 Finally showing you the results of my play date.
In 3 hours I was able to make 2 large background for
landscape art quilts that will be matted to 11x14.
I have 5 small backgrounds that will be cards.
 The top 2 are my favorites.
 The small ones were made from my scrap box.
 Some are abstract and will be embellished with objects,
Others were from stamped fabric and foiled paper.
I may not get back to these until after
the Columbus trip.
I hope everyone who are mothers had a great day.
I did my son and his wife hosted the lunch.
I am thinking of giving up on being the hostess
on everything except Christmas.
It was nice not to have to prep everything.
More time to play that way.