Friday, May 18, 2012

Picking my fabrics for QSDS

 Is this too much fabric to take to QSDS?
Choices.  Choices such indecision.
I thought putting the fabric in Zip lock bags would keep it
organized. Probably for about 2 seconds.
I am glad I started last week putting things out for class.
I just need a couple of hours to screen, stamp
over paint and alter some fabrics.
I dropped my shirts at the cleaner to be ironed.
Just not enough time.
Isn't it interesting how life stays so busy
even in our golden years.
Yesterday I spent 5 hours clearing out the last of
my Mothers room. Bittersweet to see how our
 lives keep getting smaller as we age.
 She will be down to her recliner some clothes
and a couple of personal things hanging on the wall.
Her mind flits in and out.
Sometime she knows us sometimes not.
10 years of watching the decline into dementia
is a sad thing. 91 years and counting.
Not what the golden years should be.

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