Saturday, March 16, 2013

Almost there.

4 hours of thread stitching the water.
I still think it needs some simple hand stitching
on the trees. My husband thinks it needs a
half sunken boat on the bottom left side.
I think maybe a couple of swimming ducks.
I will edge it in medium brown to finish
the edges. Sometimes I wonder why I do this.
Spend hours at the sewing machine.
Must like it enough. This will be another of those
priceless quilts good for entering in show.
This morning I will start the wood series.
I will hand stitch Wolf River in the evenings
while watching TV.
Have a nice quiet week-end all.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally getting somewhere.

Closing in on the finish.
I stitched down all the trees and trunks and
am ready to move on to the reflections in the
water. It is finally looking like something.
Today I will add the stitching on the water
than it is on to some hand stitching to
emphasize the trees. The machine
stitching doesn't show up well enough so I think
it needs more texture-another layer of thread.
 I hopefully will be done by Monday.
Than I will move on to some medium size
wall quilts for the show. Well off to an early start.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Continuation of Wolf River.

Well Tuesday I spent 5 hours thread stitching tree trunks
and branches. Today I will thread stitch the foliage
on the trees and bushes. Than I can add the water
to the bottom of the quilt. I am already bored
and ready to move on to a new idea.
But the house rules are FINISH what you started.
Than you can do another.
I think this one will consume the rest of my week.
My mind is already on logs and pieces of wood.
All beige, black, grey and ochre.
Well it is 3 in the morning and I must try and
get some sleep. Some nights I wake up at 1 or 2
and cannot go back to sleep the mind just
starts turning and I am wide awake.
Maybe a cup of hot tea will work.
Have a great day you all.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Need some sunshine and warmth.

Yesterday I had to find a repair shop for my sewing
machine. While there I tried out the Janome sewing
machine and now I am thinking of trading in my
machine. It has 1 inch larger throat plate but
hey maybe I would be better getting a Sweet Sixteen
to quilt the bigger pieces. The cost would be about
the same. Life is full of choices.  I just need
to concentrate and focus on the work at hand.
I was exhausted when I got home.  Traveling does
that to me. Hopefully to day my machine cooperates
and I get a lot of stitching done. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A misty rainy weekend

It has been a misty and rainy weekend and looks like
it will continue for the next 2 days.
Yesterday I was machine quilting and my machine
jammed up so today I need to take it in for help.
Hopefully he can fix it otherwise I may be forced
 to buy another  machine. I only have 6 week to finish
my works for the show.  Friends have offered my their
spare machines. People are so nice.
I can block in some other ideas I have for the
medium size quilts so it should not slow me down.
I am chomping to get at the log pile quilts anyway.
Well off and running.