Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer on the Ridge

 Looking through some old photos I found this.
I realized that it no longer blooms in my garden.
Maybe the voles got it.
It was a spectacular plant.
The snowball hydrangeas are in bloom now.
Cool green and white in the shadows of the pine trees.
Yesterday I worked on finishing up my entries for the
upcoming show Under Indiana Skies.
I hear we have 166 entries.
The Jasper and Newton county artist are prolific.
Connie a quilter from Texas stopped in to visit
with her mother Doris.
She is here to do Quilting.
She brought her 2 nieces so they can quilt with cousins.
I am invited for the Saturday lunch and show and tell.
How fun.
They are all traditional quilter and I am a art quilter.
Maybe I will convert someone.
Women and young girls sharing a common thread.
Related and relating with fabric.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

When pigs fly.

 As I write this it is raining.
Too little too late.
But we will take what we get.
My brother sells sweet corn for a living.
I feel for them.
The crop will be slim.
I found this old pic of a flying pig from Wisconsin.
See pigs really can fly.'
Love the color.
 Our vacations give us great memories.
Make me think we need to go to Wisconsin or Michigan
again sometime soon. Water is the big draw for me.
Well we did the sweet corn yesterday.
40 meals put in the freezer for the winter.
We both agreed that maybe we are getting
too old for doing this especially in 98 degree weather.
My husband for the first time was ready to quit gardening.
The heat is really taking a toll on everyone.
I am back in the studio this morning.
Getting my entries for various shows ready for shipping.
Take care have a great day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TIger Lily Time

 The tiger lilies are in bloom.
They remind me of fire works.
Bright orange blooms going off all over the garden.
Yesterday I put a new sleeve on the Robin quilt.
Cleaned up the back and just need to make a label yet.
It is ready to go in the mail July 27th.
Now back to the big painting.
I have the morning to work on it.
Thursday we will be putting sweet corn in the
freezer for the winter months.
A messy job.
Sweet corn splatters over everything.
I put my artist drop cloths on the floor to keep it clean.
Tape black garbage bags over the cabinets.
Summer seems to be speeding by at a fast clip.
Next we will be canning tomatoes.
It will all taste good this fall and winter.
Have a great day all.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Doris's sky

We hang our Under Indiana Skies show the 30th.
This is my friend Doris's entry.
At the young age of  90 she is a great artist.
Sadly her best friend is fading away.
Mariam has just a short time left.
It must be hard to be the last one left of a generation.
They were all great women.
I looked to them all as mentors as I grew up.
I hope  Doris has many more years.
What a great heritage they gave us all.
Makes me think that we have an obligation
to give this same mentor ship to our young artist.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jasper County Fair

 I helped at  the county fair yesterday.
What a fun experience.
Young smiley faces hopeful of wining.
So much talent.
The bird above was entries by a young girl
she was barley a head taller than the table.
A big smile and beautiful eyes looking up at us.
Grandma explained that they went to the lake
she saw this bird and came home and drew this picture.
I thought it was nice and so did the judge.
 My cousin Ellen's art quilt.
Nice work.
 Audrey's planter with Swiss chard in it.
What a clever combination.
 Lots of photos.
Some very good photos.
Than below my grandson's art  of printing.
He carved the stamp and printed this in class.
Smart boy he entered Class C there was only 3 entries.
An easy ribbon.
In 4-H he received two grand champions.
A beautiful leather painting.
And a 5 foot oak bench with drawers.
Both will be off to the state fair.
Talented young man.