Saturday, March 22, 2014

SAQA auction quilt

I made my SAQA auction quilt yesterday.
I was going to do a landscape quilt but somehow
Robins emerged on the fabric. Just happen to
have some robins laying around.
I made some of the leaves two faced and they
stick out a bit. I also mounted the Robins on felt
so they two are more dimensional.
Today I need to clean the studio.
It is just too messy.
Than next week I will do a floral quilt before
I go back  to the big quilt.
I made hot fudge and butterscotch sauce
for ice cream. I am the dessert person for
the first quarter birthday celebration on Sunday.
Ice cream sundaes.

Friday, March 21, 2014

I need some summer.

 I don't know about you but I need some summer.
Some warmth and some green.
 I must remember to go to the beach more this
summer. Soak in the warmth to prepare for the
winter. Never know we may have another one
like this. Hopefully not. Beaches are good.
I smile when I look at these small art quilts.
They are an instant vacation.
The remembrance of good summer days.
Life is good no matter what the weather.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Family first

 Here are some quilts that live at my daughters house.
Family always gets the best I make or the ones they
like. The forest road was a quilt that I worked on over
a month. Priceless so it stays in the family.
I have done several Robin quilts and they all are
in the family. The big quilt I am working on now
may be too big for family. It may end up in a
collage or a state building. I made a quick quilt
for SAQA Capitol auction. I am always happy
to help a good cause. I will try to finish the
middle panel of the big quilt tomorrow.
I have show and tell at Art League Thursday
night. Might as well have something good to show.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kaffe tote

I was thinking back to when I made this tote
for Virginia Spiegel's fund raiser last year.
I love  Kaffe Fasset fabrics;
The are bright and cheerful.
When I am done with the big quilt I must
play with his fabrics again.
Today was massage day and shopping
day. I filled the car. I needed something
to put my ironing board on and found 2 nice
sturdy plastic 4 drawer chest at Walmart.
They alone filled the back space of the car.
Found some bright shorts and shirts for
my great grandson. He will be 2 next month.
Than I bought 2 large tubs to fill with fiber
for the local collage art department. I am
cleaning a 8 by 11 ft closet and I am determined
to make it emptier. It is always fun to see
what those bright young people do with fiber.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Close ups

 Thought I would show you some close ups of the
quilts I have worked on this winter. Sometimes
closer up is just as interesting as the whole.
 Vines and berries. Pine trees and sky.
 Hills and catalpa trees.
 The bright red of sumac.
A duck reflected in the water.
Life is just a bunch of close ups.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

 Last night we were watching TV in the sun room
and I turned to look at my husband  and saw this
over his shoulder. I grabbed the camera and got
in the car. Drove to the back and shot these photos.
It was all over in 10 minutes. That sun sets fast.
Beautiful end to the day.
I mentioned the A word this week and hope I did
not turn people off. Aspergers is a fact that one in
every 160 people in this world has . I found out at the age
of 58 I was when my daughter took me to a conference in
Indianapolis for Aspergers. Her son was in the process
of being diagnosed at that time. We found out that
it is inherited. At the conference they put us A people
in a conference room to let us talk. We were all amazed
at how we were all successful people in all of our careers. 
Most of us were unaware we were A's.
Sometimes we just have a few traits like myself.
Being more aware of things in life. Such as color,
smell and taste. Not liking to be in crowds. Not very
tolerant of bright lights and noise. Just everyday normal
people just a little different or as we think just special.
Normal people are just a little boring. Not as open
to taking chances as we are.
I am glad I am who I am.
I feel bad I passed this on to my children and grands.
Some of our cousins have children with severe autism.
So thankful we do not.
High IQ high functioning Aspergers is livable but a
challenge. Growing up feeling different but not knowing
how. I could not choose to not have this but I did
grow with it and succeed in this world.
If you know people with A please share this.