Saturday, October 3, 2015

Old wood.

 I was back in the archives again.
Love the weathered wood.
These are from 2008.
The top one is an old wagon in the field next door.
 The next two are from old pilings on Ludington beach.
Sun and water makes wood weather fast.
Yesterday my newest great grand child came into
the world. David Edward  8 # 5 oz. 21 inches long.
Congratulations to Scott and Liz.
Ed and my daughter Kathy will have a little boy
to hold and enjoy and watch grow up.
The best pleasure in this world.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall 2006

 I went on to an old storage device and found these 
photos from 2006. It is amazing how time passes 
so quickly. I love all these shots and could turn
them all into quilts.
The path to the back of the old airport.
I would follow it back but it is posted.
Must ask for permission this fall. 
 This oak tree on the fence line south of the pond
is now 8 foot taller.
Time does not stand still.
I love the mix of pines and oaks.
That's probably why I love our place to much.
Monday the yard crew came and trimmed all the dead
flowers off. We do this early so when the white
pine trees drop their needles they comer all the mess.
We start out in spring with a clean slate.
Each year, week, or day is a clean slate.
Spend your time wisely.
Time flies by so quickly.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Old Barns

 I love old barns.
I stop and take photos whenever I can.
These relics are fast disappearing.
 I was glad I took time to photograph this one.
The next spring the farmer took it down.
Now it is preserved forever on my computer.
It may be time to make this into a quilt.
Another was to keep it.