Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beauty in my life

 I entered the golden tree quilt in AQS Grand Rapids.
It is typical of a scene in Michigan in fall.
I still love the gate quilt and should have kept
it for shows. I find myself without enough quilts
for my entries this year.
Well it is what it is.
 I find that medical problems get in the way of quilting.
Yesterday my husband was zapped to correct his A fib.
It worked. Now we can put this behind us.
I can quit being concerned that he will have a stroke.
The stress of our sons cancer and death put him in
this condition. Now he can move forward from that.
A new day for me hopefully and I will be back in
my studio creating soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enjoying Life

Wow I have been absent for a while.
On impulse I went to the International quilt show
with Judy Tucker last week.
I was overwhelmed with beauty.
The quilts were awesome.
I found some really great fabrics for my
quilts I will make in 2016.
I also helped Iris Karp in her Misty Fuse booth
for 2 days. Just what I needed to get my creative
juices flowing. I am ready to create.