Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moonstruck is finished.

Finally the piece that I was going to enter into Quilt
Nationals is finished. Life got in the way last summer
so I did not finish in time. It will be perfect for our show
In Harmony with Nature IV this May. I am calling
 it Moonstruck. I love these colors. I am gradually
 finishing pieces  that were in process last summer.
The next large piece is the Wolf River quilt.
Inspired by the Cabin in the Woods and our
trip to Wisconsin last fall. To celebrate our
50th wedding anniversary we took a trip.
We went to fish  the wolf river for crappie.
Fishing wasn't very good but photography was.
We finished up in Door County one of our fav
places. There is always something to see in Door.
The galleries are awesome. Well it is time to
start the weekend. Time to slow the pace.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Newest mini art quilts

 Yesterday I did clean up work. Putting hangers
on the backs of small art quilts that were done.
Sorting out art for Art Mix and our May show.
I think I have enough of the small works that
will be in a price range for all to afford.
Now to make 2 large ones and about 10
medium size quilts.
 The flower still life is a different style for me.
Someone will like something bright for their house.
The water scene is  peaceful.
Saturday will be a full day in the studio again.
I am going to do a black, gray and brown series
of logs, bark and wood.
All because I am out of white mats and need
to use up the black  double mats.
Inspiration comes from many sources. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indoor garden

I have some new amaryllis blooming.
The red one looks like a candy cane and
the limey green one is cool. My
daughters birthday present to me keeps
on giving. I can see why she does these
in her indoor garden. Hers stretches
10 feet in front of a south facing window.
How lovely to sit in the chair in the sun
and read a book by such a window.
Mine is this shelf unit with a few plants.
Yesterday wore me out I was sacked out
by 8 pm last night. Woke up by 3:30 though.
Now for 3 days in the studio.
I need to finish my PAM application and
than I will be creating.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sunny Monday

I spent all of Monday updating my resume , artist
statement and resizing photos. I am going to apply
for PAM with SAQA. I was amazed at what I had
done in 2 years. I must have been busy. Today is
a MRI of my hip and lower back to find out if there
is a reason for my pain. We are going to have a
storm so I will have a great time going north 40 miles
by 10 am than going south 60 miles by 1 pm for
my next appointment. Wish me luck. It will be
Wednesday before I am back in the studio.
Ohio wants me to send 2 more art quilts to
them. Glad to hear they like my work.
I just realized I have 8 weeks to finish the work
 for In Harmony With Nature IV show the
first week of May. I have only 3 pieces ready.
Need at least 15 so I may need to work harder.
Never a dull moment.