Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sunny Monday

I spent all of Monday updating my resume , artist
statement and resizing photos. I am going to apply
for PAM with SAQA. I was amazed at what I had
done in 2 years. I must have been busy. Today is
a MRI of my hip and lower back to find out if there
is a reason for my pain. We are going to have a
storm so I will have a great time going north 40 miles
by 10 am than going south 60 miles by 1 pm for
my next appointment. Wish me luck. It will be
Wednesday before I am back in the studio.
Ohio wants me to send 2 more art quilts to
them. Glad to hear they like my work.
I just realized I have 8 weeks to finish the work
 for In Harmony With Nature IV show the
first week of May. I have only 3 pieces ready.
Need at least 15 so I may need to work harder.
Never a dull moment.

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