Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shelia's quilt is done

 I finished Shelia's quilt yesterday and block in another
fall art quilt. I just love the colors in the new one.
I must quit doing refection's  It seems like I start and it
has a will of its own. Like the colors though.
I may be gone for awhile I have a sore stomach
again and am running a fever. This is the 3rd
infection in 3 months and the last time the Doc
threatened me that it would be IVs in the hospital.
I hope not but this time I am running a fever.
So if you don't hear from me for awhile you know
where I am at.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Off to Ohio

 Here are a few of the 14  mini art quilts I am sending
off to Ohio Craft Museum's gift shop for the
Holiday season they will make nice Christmas gifts.
I worked on the one for Shelia Klinker yesterday.
 I am making her a fall scene.
She is such a nice person and always comes to my shows.
I love fall it is my favorite season.
Yesterday I delivered Minnesota Prairies to Muenster's
Solon show and saw some interesting pieces of art.
On the way home I stopped at Sam;s Club to buy
a roasted chicken for supper and came out with
meat for the freezer for winter. Fall makes me want
to cook. I bought a whole ham to make potato
 chowder for the freezer. My husband told me we
will have over 300 pounds of potatoes. Wow.
Russets, Yukon's and reds. I think we will be
sharing some. I love to fill the freezer than when
I am busy in the studio at lunch I just take something
out of the freezer put it in the crock pot and
at 5 we have a hot supper with no effort from
me and I get the afternoon in the studio.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Been too busy

When I miss blogging you know I have been too busy
Such is life. It seems to fly by so quickly. I was
looking through older photos of some paintings I
did 3 to 4years ago. I can see where I have improved
and grown. Looking at the colors I see my
favorite season is autumn. I seem to use these colors.
 I get inspired with new ideas just looking at the photos.
The watercolor below has been my favorite I am sad
that I sold it but I can look at a photo to recall.
The movement was so free.
Than dried leaves from the chokecherry tree by
the pond  mmm just lovely.
I am glad someone is enjoying this one.
I can't keep them all.
 I think doing another art quilt of this painting below
 would be good  It has such good colors.
BUT first I have 2 quilts to make for friends.
They need to be out of here this month.
Than I will work on the big one. I figure it will
take me 6 months. One month for each panel.
So leaving out December which is taken with
the holiday - I should be done by May 1st.
I sure I will sneak a few small projects in between.
I will mail a big box of last weeks quilts to
the Ohio Craft Museum tomorrow for their gift shop.
Well I will be off to the studio to get something

Monday, September 2, 2013


 I spent 5 hours today applying 805 to 35 yards of]
of fabric 17 inches wide. This is for my next project.
Flowers and refection's.
I like the color palette.
Red is a new color for me.
 I really like the batik in the middle.
So much color. a happy fabric.
should be interesting.
Tired and going to bed early.