Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rejected but going to Lafayette

 Well I was turned down for Quilt Nationals along
with some very famous people.
So now to plan my 2017 entry.
 On the plus side because of the knee surgery I
really need another quilt for Barb and my show
at TAF opening October 31 so it will be shown
there. Lots of hand stitching on this one.
I am making progress on the 12x12  cash and carry
for the show. All in all a good week so far.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting inspired

 I keep saving photos of quilts and buying books on
Modern Quilting. The clean lines appeal to me.
Looking forward to winter to experiment on something
new and different.  For now though I am making some
more little landscapes. I think I am going to  just
make what appeals to me in the future.
As I make small quilts for quick sale in the
galleries I am in I think this is a waste of time.
I could be working on something creative.
It means not having the small items that the
average person can afford.
It is a hard choice.