Saturday, March 8, 2014

I was a bad girl.

 We went to Shipsewanna  yesterday for a concert,
supper and shopping. Well the stores there have
the best selection of batiks all in one town.
I was really bad.
Can you see the sky, tree trunks and leaves above.
 Than some bright stripes to make something for me.
Lolly's  has  a enormous  selection of  Kaffe  Fasset,
Mobly,  and  batiks.  Only  my  favorite  fabrics.
 Than the batiks for landscape quilts and add in
some new greens. Can you tell I had a good time.
Than we had Amish comfort food topped with
Sugar cream pie.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Yesterday I worked on the reflections on panel 2.
I need to focus on the big quilt.
I find myself distracted by the lousy weather.
 I have a pile of 3 small quilts I an working on
and also studying how herons are supposed to
look. I need to do 3 for the big quilt.
Than I am thinking of doing an entry for the IQS
show in Houston. A full table of work.
I just love the reflected area around this water lily.
I took the photo last summer.
I made a list of deadlines so if I have time I can
prepare and entry.
Well I am off early to the studio.
A good day to create more reflections.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flowers on a snowy day.

  I started prowling through my photos for flower photos.
I need to think of an entry for the IQS in Houston.
I found some likely candidates and spent an hour
lost in July of last summer.
 So many good ideas and now to settle on one.
 Sure wish the weather would warm up.
I am tired of winter.
Thankful for a studio that takes my mind off of it.
Have a good day I am off to do more reflections on 
the big quilt.