Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally some sun.

                           Five years ago my husband decided we need to
     line the driveway with ornamental pear trees.
20 of them to be exact.
That was when I was still working.
Coming home from a long day of Raku firing was a treat today.
They are   glorious in bloom.
A nice welcome home.

 Morning started off fine too.
Watched the royal wedding.
Weren't the hats fabulous.
And the eyebrows on the vicar were outstanding.
Went for a walk around the pond at sunrise.
The wood ducks  were enjoying a swim.
 Sat on my favorite bench for awhile just enjoying the sunshine.
There were six wood ducks this morning.
Plus the huge blue heron.
A nice start to the spring season.
Love the sunrise and sunset times for photographs.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whats new at Cedar Ridge.

Yesterday I finished a small painting for the Art Barn's show.
 Worked on the larger one of birch trees.
I will finish this one today.
Liked how the birch tree trunks turned out.
Need to add the leaves.
 Rescued the 9 canvases from last Friday by changing the colors.
They will work great for placing an art quilt in the light space.
A great use of  the canvas and a great way to display the quilts.
Now to create 9 small quilts.
I will sell these at the mini bazaar at QSDS in June.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family & Friends

Spent a lovely Easter with my family.
Ate too much good food.
My family can cook.
Ham, roast pork loin with home made BBQ sauce.
Corn, green bean & potato casseroles.
Banana cream pie, blueberry crunch and banana cake.
3 kinds of Valpo Velvet ice cream.
We won't need to eat for a week.
        I love the texture of tree bark.

Saturday after lunch I went roaming with the camera.
Found some nice bark.

Thanks to my artistic family they critiqued my art for the solo show.
Fridays work that I posted is definitely out.
I  already knew that the idea and colors were all wrong.
Plus one more abstract tree picture went out.
The other 40 plus pieces are keepers.
Thank goodness for artistic sister, daughter & granddaughter.