Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally some sun.

                           Five years ago my husband decided we need to
     line the driveway with ornamental pear trees.
20 of them to be exact.
That was when I was still working.
Coming home from a long day of Raku firing was a treat today.
They are   glorious in bloom.
A nice welcome home.

 Morning started off fine too.
Watched the royal wedding.
Weren't the hats fabulous.
And the eyebrows on the vicar were outstanding.
Went for a walk around the pond at sunrise.
The wood ducks  were enjoying a swim.
 Sat on my favorite bench for awhile just enjoying the sunshine.
There were six wood ducks this morning.
Plus the huge blue heron.
A nice start to the spring season.
Love the sunrise and sunset times for photographs.

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